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      posted by: Pierre Rubio
    • 01 May 2008
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      08-10 / 05 / 2008


      workshop by Davis Freeman

      In the framework of the project 'Some Political Art', curated by choreographer Lilia Mestre in Les Bains (Brussels), the creation of a solo performance is proposed to the participants under the direction of theater maker Davis Freeman (U.S.A.).

      The participants are asked to develop a five minutes performance out of their relation with politics and / or political art and to create a video out of it. They are also asked to formulate a short text out of that position. The resulting films and texts will be used in the video installation 'Some Political Dance' by Davis Freeman.




      21-31 / 05 / 2008

      ‘RES & REF’ (Residence and Reflection)

      by Elke Van Campenhout and Lilia Mestre

      KunstenFestivaldesArts each year invites a group of fifteen international artists to view the festival performances, to discuss, to bring in opinions and exchange. This year, Elke Van Campenhout will expand with two other groups the ‘res & ref’ project: the will join as well the group 'some political art’ around Lilia Mestre, curator of Les Bains Connective in Brussels..

      All three groups (a total of thirty artists from different disciplines) will reside for ten days in Les Bains. In addition to the discussions there will be public 'reading sessions' organized by the on 'The Art of Over-Identification'.





      11-16 / 06 / 2008

      ‘IN TRANSIT’

      guidance by Andre Lepecki (U.S., curator of the festival ‘In Transit’)

      In-Transit festival focuses on postcolonial related issues. The program is exceptional, to the extent that it creates, in a challenging intellectual framework, a visibility to artists who are not often seen in Europe.

      Andre Lepecki will guide the a.pass participants through the festival. For this he will provide in advance a reader of texts on postcolonial theory and contemporary performance.





      23 / 06 - 04 / 07 / 2008


      workshop by Lilia Mestre

      The showcase project "Interface Fictions" will develop in the temporary gallery space Conflict Room in Borgerhout, on the busy Turnhoutselaan in Antwerpen. The project will use the transparent, yet persistent partition of a former shop vitrine to explore relationships between private and public spaces.

      The a.pass participants will reside for a week in the vitrine room and will experiment with forms of (in) visibility, intimacy and (mis)communication between them and the outside world. The recurring daily passersby will face their practices, which will simultaneously function as a reverse ring and an invitation, and at times, will also transgress outside the limits of the shop to the streets.

      This experimental project researches the 'relational' mapping between art practice, everyday life and community.









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