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    • DIRTY ROOM 19 January 2017
      posted by: Steven Jouwersma
    • Juan Domínguez
    • book
    • case of: Lilia Mestre

      CLEAN ROOM is the name of a performance project created by Juan Domínguez and several collaborators that was developed as a three-season series with six episodes in each season. Its name refers to a spotless space, with low levels of external pollutants and controlled environmental parameters that guarantee minimum interferences in the developments of experiments.

      price: 16 euro

      DIRTY ROOM is CLEAN ROOM against the light, the negative of CLEAN ROOM, a collection of outlines, notes, ideas, reflections, photographic materials, maps, manifestos, fragments from diaries, transcriptions of conversations, interviews, email exchanges, memoirs, memories and scripts, among other documents from the working and research process that led to CLEAN ROOM. Through this book we invite you to enter the labyrinth of this long and multifaceted process, which had followed simultaneously different directions, moved by different concerns. 

      Juan Domínguez, a maker and organizer within the fields of choreography and performing artsand Victoria Pérez-Royo, performing arts researcher.


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    • dirty room 01 August 2015
      posted by: Elke van Campenhout
    • Juan Dominguez
    • a.pass studio
    • 12 October 2015
    • 22 October 2015
    • dirty room

      In these 10 days we will work together. That would be the most important. The togetherness. Working together, spending time together. 

      Agenda???  What is that, maybe something to discover???

      I will ask you a lot of questions, over and over. From the begining till the end.

      I will question you, you will question everybody, we will experience suspiciousness I guess. 

      In which conspiracy are you involved at the moment?

      Angles, all the time different ones.

      We will trip for sure, all kinds of trips or maybe not all kinds but different trips.

      We will share expectations. 

      We will build new fictions and devises.

      We will not go out, we will be trapped like el angel exterminador from Buñuel and we will not go, the negative of el angel exterminador. We will watch this movie again.

      We will cook for each other.

      We will sleep together.

      We will gather people, as many as we can. We have to beat the Guinness record.

      We will spend time, we will understand time and the time we want and what we want from time.

      what are we going to do together that we cannot do alone?

      we will build tension, all kind and we will have to hold it. how? together.

      we will work in continuity. what is that?

      also in friendship.

      in simultaneity.

      where the fuck are you?

      Is there any infiltrant among us?

      What are you doing here?

      Follow me through the rabbit hole and lets visit Wonderland.


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