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 a.pass end-communications by

Luiza Crosman, Juan Duque, Sana Ghobbeh, Sébastien Hendrickx and Aela Royer



Rue Brialmont 11

1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node/ Brussels



____HEARSAY____ is a three day event hosted by GreyLight Projects. Five artist-researchers from the Brussels based post-master program a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) make a public presentation of their respective researches.

At the end of a one year research cycle at a.pass, Luiza Crosman (BR), Juan Duque (CO), Sana Ghobbeh (IR), Sébastien Hendrickx (BE) and Aela Royer (FR) open their thoughts and practices to a larger audience through (lecture-)performances, installations and performative scores. You are welcome to explore a tentacular collection of interests and concerns, relating to site-specificity, alternative eroticisms, complex narrativities, urban protest and diagrammatic speculation.

The end, self-evidently, isn’t the end. ____HEARSAY____ offers space for reflection and informal dialogue, in order to co-imagine possible research futures. In between scheduled performances, a comfortable bar/terrace/library is open to spend some time, share your experiences and questions with the artist-researchers, and get in touch with the research backgrounds through a communal publication and a selection of books and documents. Or simply enjoy a drink, food and listen to some music of your choice.

Limited capacity: reservation for the (lecture-)performances is recommended. Guarantee your place by subscribing via the 3 doodles.

– Sana Ghobbeh: max 30: DOODLE 1
– Sébastien Hendrickx: max 30: DOODLE 2
– Aela Royer: max 50: DOODLE 3



MAY 23-24-25


5-6pm: performance

This wall grows at its root. Performance by Sana Ghobbeh. Audience capacity 30; subscribe here.


6-7pm: installations + bar/food/terrace/library

UNFOLD, site-specific installation by Juan Duque

Notes on Institutional Fictions and a hypothesis to be developed by practice; INDEX 3/3 – ALIBI: “Dummies; The Prophecy of the Ceiling made of Glass; A Space into a Diagram, installation by Luiza Crosman.


7-8pm: lecture performance

Research presentation, by Sébastien Hendrickx. Audience capacity 30; subscribe here.


8-9pm: installations + bar/food/terrace/library


9-10pm: performative lecture

Eros the Joyful, by Aela Royer. Audience capacity 50; Subscribe here.



Thanks to: Greylight Projects &  Bains Connective:




tel: +32 (0)2 411.49.16