Dear A.pass (ex)participants,

News might be spreading faster than we can control. Some words to the A.passies and ex-A.passies before it goes out further into the world. In 2007 Elke Van Campenhout started A.pass; almost 10 years later the time has come to pass on what she called her ‘tender institute’ to a new constellation of people. New or not so new.
A.pass wouldn’t be A.pass if it didn’t mean self-questioning its fundaments and organisation as it has done regularly since its existence. Because Elke is irreplaceable in the current structure of A.pass we rather think in terms of a redistribution of responsibilities to create a new dynamics with what we’ve been developing together throughout the years. We will continue working along the same lines, especially for the block-programme of the post-master which was so carefully put together.

Mentor Kristien Van den Brande and programme coordinator Nicolas Galeazzi were asked to join the curatorial team of A.pass, which currently consists of Lilia Mestre, Pierre Rubio and Vladimir Miller. From 2017 on Lilia and Kristien will share the artistic coordination previously done by Elke and Nicolas. The extended curatorial team stays responsible for the block programming, and we are preparing for more intense collaboration between the research centre, the post-master programme and other organisations.

These are the big lines of what is being discussed and prepared right now. Officially this redistribution will start from January on. We hope you are as excited about the future as we are. And that next block we can create a warm goodbye to Elke and her MNSTRY-plans that were partly developed within A.pass.

Best wishes,
the whole A.pass team