the real word for world is forest. 

the real word for forest is time.

the real word for time is kairos

the real word for kairos is attention

the real word for attention is practice


the real word for practice is repetition

the real word for repetition is difference

the real word for difference is operation

the real word for operation is “x”

the real word for “x” is neverending


the real word for neverending is nonconsumable

the real word for nonconsumable is anticapitalism

the real word for anticapitalism is faith

the real word for faith is staying

the real word for staying is important


the real word for important is choice

the real word for choice is beauty

the real word for beauty is responsability

the real word for responsability is word

the real word for word is world

the real word for world is forest


entering the forest is the contestation of every other wor(l)d. this is reality. 

to be able to tell you that it is not like that, that yes, it is similar but different. 

entering the forest is practicing corresponding in a very similar manner

but slightly different

to what we know.


a practice is something I do and that I can repeat 

and I keep repeating it even if it doesn’t work all the time.


as repetition without difference it’s almost impossible 

every time I repeat it I don’t know what to expect exactly.

a practice it is an operation

like + or  x = the same operation leads to infinite results.


a practice is something you cannot consume

it’s an ontological anticapitalistic shift in which to have faith

it’s something you keep staying with because it is important

and it is important because I decided so

or because it’s important for me


and we must be attentive. 

make this revolution.


dear you,

I wanted to tell you that it’s me, that if you don’t manage at school you are not wrong, the school wasn’t ready yet, it’s me that has to find another way. and that seeing beauty it’s a responsibility I choose to take.

as I choose loving you even if it doesn’t work or you are far away.

loving is like praying or going harvesting wild herbs in the woods: it means going back to repetition. 

it is a practice, an anticapitalist ontological shift in which to have faith.

a practice cannot be consumed. 

as are my words for you. 

you see?


can we go harvesting camomile once together? or any other plant if you prefer; just because of the doing of it.

that is like writing to you.




“the real word for world is forest” is the title of a book from Ursula Leguin


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