end presentation, postgraduate program


2-3 June 2023 / a.pass 4th floor

(c) Image: Martin Sieweke

The table is set. 

What is here is there. What is not here is somewhere, someone is doing something. 


Martin Sieweke, Martina Petrović, Aslı Hatipoğlu and Nada Gambier invite you on a guided tour of wandering, exploring time, invisible structures, in-betweens, tastes of intimacy, heritage, abrasion, fermentation and reparation that ripple through space to mark the end of their research trajectory at a.pass. 


There will be food, performances, boredom and a spa. 

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Eva Maes TATI(L)/ TATI(S)

12-13 May 2023 / a.pass 4th floor

an encounter behind closed doors

Body-Mind Centering sessions, followed by reading Towards a Transindividual Self: a study in social dramaturgy

In Tati(l)/Tati(s), we dedicate the morning to Body-Mind Centering-anchored practices of exploring the environment of self and other. While introducing some general principles activated through BMC, we dedicate specific attention to the exploration of embryological development of the heart. How do notions about ´listening´, ´conscious and unconscious dialogue´, a ´collective realm´ and/or ´repetition´ inform an explorative dance, as well as move concepts of research in various directions?

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lecture, workshop

Áron Birtalan Mystical Languages and Affective Literacies

15-16 May 2023 / a.pass 4th floor

Inspired by devotional practices from the Late Middle Ages, this workshop explores mystical languages as somatic and performative technologies. Focusing on spoken language and tactile ways of engaging with text and images, we will create affective relationships between bodies and matter. Contaminating the lines between a within and a without, mystical languages become an interface for intimate bonds with the unknowable and unreliable. Topics include: image as induction, reading as annihilation, text as embodiment and touch as giving birth. We will familiarize ourselves with the historical contexts and theologies of the body in Christian mysticism of the Late Middle Ages, using it a lens through which we can re-encounter the now. 

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Sara Manente, Babak Afrassiabi and Nasrin Tabatabai, Kate Briggs Printer’s devils

26 June-7 July 2023 / a.pass & rile*

Singed bible from the Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, in Rome
Singed bible from the Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, in Rome

One publishes to find comrades! So says André Breton. The last block of a.pass ends with a focus on publishing, and the myriad of relations implied in committing something to print. Publishing is rarely something that concludes a confined process of solitary thought. It is a social process that — abstractly and manifestly — involves collaboration along the way: sometimes with fellow interlocutors, sometimes with an editor or designer at the other end of the table, sometimes with abstract ideas of what readership might entail, sometimes in dialogue with ordinary processes of living with, sometimes as a script with future enactment in mind, and most probably a bit of all of those at once. Rather than aiming for a book or for printed matter as a finite goal, we will take publishing as a pretext to build relationships that last over time. How can a publication be set up as an ongoing social gesture, a space for the continued production of meaning and reverberance?

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performative publishing

a.pass Polyset 2023W18-20

2-19 May 2023 / a.pass

practice gathering

photograph by Dasha Plesen

a.pass Polyset 2023W18-20
May 2nd-19th 2023


You are cordially invited to join the a.pass Polyset space between the 2nd and 19th of May ’23. Within the Polyset you will find other practitioners, artists and researchers, materials, tools, technical support as well as any number of individual and communal practices and experimental proposals. Polyset starts from an empty space and an empty timetable – both are gradually established during Polyset by its participants. Artists who spend time in the Polyset space set up their own working conditions. There are materials available to create a wide range of structures: from a simple table to a performative setting. The invitation to work with communal materials in a shared space opens up questions of authorship and collaboration towards a transient idea of ownership.

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postgraduate program

More entries wait to be written, and not always patiently*

9 January-31 March 2023

photo_2023-01-11 10.22.26

Happy Endings On horror and/in collections


Wintertime in the Northern hemisphere, night falls early, huddled around one stove, a dog starts barking, birds flutter, an invisible presence, maybe, a figment of our imagination. The penultimate block of a.pass’ current lifecycle is dedicated to ‘horror and/in collections’, to familiar stories yet untold, or unknown tales needing to be retold. 


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reading session, research center

Research Center Open Reading Group

22 May 2023 / online

NEW: Every second Monday 19-21h 



22.05.2023 19h

“Narrate, Speculate, Fabulate: Didier Debaise and Benedikte Zitouni in Conversation with Isabelle Doucet”

proposed by Gosie Vervloessem


05.06.2023 19h

Marie Bardet: “Making a Front With Our Backs” Translated by: Ellen Heaghney

Jara Rocha: “testing texting South: a political fiction”

proposed by caterina daniela mora jara


19.06.2023 19h

Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui: “Ch’ixinakax utxiwa: A Reflection on the Practices and Discourses of Decolonization”

proposed by Tulio Rosa


03.07.2023 19h

Tjalie Robinson: “Vivere Pericolosamente”

proposed by Paoletta Holst


17.07.2023 19h

W.J.T. Mitch: “Art And Public life: A Conversation Theaster Gates”

proposed by Maurice Meewisse and Vladimir Miller


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information, performative publishing, project

In these circumstances: On collaboration, performativity, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices

book launch

20 May 2022 / Les Brigittines

14 years of a.pass

In these circumstances

In these circumstances: On collaboration, performativity, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices is a publication about artistic research as it is practiced within the co-learning environment of a.pass. This book brings together an assemblage of curatorial, artistic and pedagogical approaches emblematic of an institution that fosters collaboration, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices.

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statements for a.pass

support the possible


“We are all very familiar with oppressive education; with its systems of reward and punishment, the stimulus of competition, the naming of the strong and the weak, the encouragement of reproduction by repetition, the reinforcement of norms and normativity, the unquestionability of the accommodating attitude towards the status quo, and its decision-making-educators—who by refusing dialogue—do not organise the people. The very goal of oppressive education isn’t to liberate nor to be liberated but to manipulate, control and generate conformism.

However, there is another sort of education that is precisely based on dialogue; a form of education that doesn’t function as a tool to facilitate anyone’s integration into the logic of the present system. It is the practice of freedom in its most germinating terms; the facilitation of critical thinking, creativity and citizenry.

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Last Friday 21st of January, a.pass received news from the Ministry of Education that their subsidy will come to an end by the end of 2023 the latest. From one day to the other a.pass is left with two years to find other means of survival or close the institution.

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research center

Research Center Cycle 4

Initiated out of a desire to be a shared platform of exchange, support and publication for the a.pass Associate Researchers, this year-long initiative will continue to support and publish advanced research and investigate its trajectories within a.pass.

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performative publishing

a.pass lexicon in process



performative publishing

2-19 May 2023

Location a.pass

a.pass Polyset 2023W18-20

reading session, research center

22 May 2023

Location online

Research Center Open Reading Group



for artistic research PROPOSALS

Due to the Ministry’s decision we have to put the Intakes on hold until further notice. 

Thanks for your interest in a.pass!

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scenography workshop

public workshops

a.pass regularly opens it doors to outsiders that are interested in the topic or in the workings of a.pass. To subscribe you just look in the menu: “public workshops“) and sign up to the event of your choice.



about a.pass

A.pass is an artistic research environment that develops research on performativity and scenography, in an international artistic and educational context. The institute includes two complementary bodies that operate in parallel and in dialogue: a Post-master Program and a Research Centre.
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