Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the a.pass programs is fixed at 1.200,00 EUR.

250,00 EUR should be paid within the first four weeks after the start of the program (for bank details see below).  The remaining 950,00 EUR of the enrolment fee should be paid before the end of your first block.


Hand in

Your application has to be handed it by midnight of the deadline date! Please use the application form on this page (green ‘apply’ button) or  a large file delivery can be sent by post to:

a.pass – applications
Delaunoystraat 58-64, B17
1080 Brussels (Molenbeek) / Belgium

Applicants will receive confirmation of their application upon receipt of their proposals.

Candidates may be asked to give more information or to specify certain elements of their research proposals. To this purpose they may be invited for an interview.



To apply at a.pass, you are required to send us a proposal for a research project. Your application is meant to give us a clear insight in what you aim to achieve in your 12-month working period, the relevance of your project, and your willingness to open up your personal research to the critical platform of the a.pass participants.


An application dossier should consist of:

  1. research proposal
  2. portfolio (relevant works in relation to the research proposal)
  3. CV
  4. diploma (if possible)

Please upload your dossier as pdf via the online form.

Candidates should be holder of a master’s diploma (artistic or academic) and deliver a copy of this upon registration (or should be considered equivalent through practice-based experience by the co-ordinators and the artistic board).


Entering the post-master program

a.pass accepts proposals 3 times per year: February, June, October (application deadlines are always 6 -7 month before a possible start). 

With each 3-month block (in January, May and September) new participants can join the program. This brings about a constant flow of new perspectives and ideas. It also allows the participants to exchange insights gained during different moments of the research process. The intermediary buffer month can be filled in collectively or individually.

Artistic creation beyond a.pass can be integrated into the individual program: participants can work on their own creations during their studies at a.pass, in so far as these creations are part of the participant’s research project.

Apply here


Selection criteria

Once the deadline for the call for projects is over, a selection will be made based on the following criteria:

  1. the added research value of the project for the participant’s trajectory
  2. the originality of the project/research questions
  3. the potential of the project to develop performance practice and/or scenography or theatre practice
  4. the probability that the research will bring about a creative dynamics in the group
  5. the potential impact on a wider scale (directors, performers, other artists, audience, academic researchers, etc.)


Research Proposal

  1. A clear text describing your project, including a quite clear planning of the first 3-month working period (central question, proposed research trajectory, initial proposed methodology, what media would you like to work otn, etc.).
  2. The relevance of this project to the development of your practice or knowledge production of the performance scene or scenography in particular.
  3. A proposal on how to develop and communicate your research to your fellow participants, and a wider audience (what formats you would like to explore, how you would like to archive your trajectory and make it available to your professional colleagues and the public).
  4. Some material illustrating your past achievements  and/or your artistic/design talents: DVD’s, photos, texts, reviews, etc. and for a.s also a portfolio, drawings, paintings, scale models, etc.
  5. A recent curriculum vitae including information on your master diploma (master in what, where obtained, date of issue) or on the highest diploma you obtained.


post-master program
pre phd-program
to be discussed

please upload your Research proposal, Portfolio, CV and other documents here.

Maximum file size: 5 MB / total size: 60 MB


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