27 September-8 October 2023 / Zsenne Art Lab

Image credit: Amy Pickles
For two weeks a.pass alumni have concocted an exciting and eclectic program of COLLECTIVE LEARNING PROPOSALS through which they challenge, inquire, explore and digest different ways of learning from and with each other.
Everybody is welcome to join! Participation is free.
Location: Zsenne Art Lab, Rue Anneessens 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
For more detailed information please contact the individuals behind each proposal!
With: Nada Gambier, Federico Protto, Sarah Pletcher, Tulio Rosa & Paoletta Holst, Lucia Palladino, Amy Pickles & Chloe Janssens, Sara Vilardo.

Nada Gambier
They write you out of the narrative. You leave them out of the story. We create new scripts.
27.9 + 29.9 + 2.10 @ 10h00-17h00
A 3-day working shift around creative writing based on gentle trespassing and structured cacophony. We will use interference as a tool for widening our individual writing styles and skills. Minimum attendance day 1 and 2. Bring your own writing to start working from (lists, essays, paragraphs, loose sentences…).
For more info please contact
Federico Protto
Fashion Hypnosis
28.9 @ 14h00-18h00
Can you locate the space between the clothes you are wearing and your skin? Fashion Hypnosis is a soft guided meditation exploring what, how, when, where, and why we carry, wear, fit, attire, button up, button down, buckle, fasten, drape, dress, and undress. Based on a practice developed in a.pass in 2020, we will collectively experiment the ‘soft’ hypnosis further into a somatic-movement score relating to garments, textiles, and costumes provided and activated in space.
For more info please contact
Sarah Pletcher
collaboration from here and there
28.9 @ 18h30-20h30
A talk/open discussion about how artists can collaborate with one another when living or working in different locals. How can we carry the collective with us when we relocate?
For more info please contact
Tulio Rosa & Paoletta Holst
3 + 4.10 @ 18h-21h30
A curatorial exercise that brings together a selection of films and books that approach the legacies of colonialism across different geographies and socio-political contexts. Departing from materials that have been a reference to the artists’ research, these two evening sessions explore how the cross reading of works produced in different times and continents might be able to create a space of reflection sustained by the frictions and similarities that might emerge between them. The programme will be also accompanied by the presentation of Hunting Song, a publication produced by Túlio as conclusion of his journey at a.pass Research Center Cicle IV in which he crosses historical accounts of violence with the music scores of the opera Il Guarany.
For more info please contact Paoletta or Túlio
Lucia Palladino
correspondances_I discovered loving is like going harvesting wild herbs in the forest
4.10 @ 15h30-17h30
A participative reading, writing and listening score producing content from neurological atypical patterns that questions language, hierarchies of knowledge and modes of learning.
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Amy Pickles & Chloe Janssens
getting into character/s
5.10 + 6.10 +7.10 @ 18h-20h
Three evenings of rituals and writing to work through difficulties, embarrassments and discomfort of composing words as someone else. The evenings are for individual work, but undertaken in a collective setting. For more info please contact
Sara Vilardo
map of displacement
6.10 + 7.10 @ 13h30-17h30
8.10 @ 10-13h
Map of a displacement invites you for a shared practice, individually or in a group, of mapping a life journey in relation to personal and universal events that have interfered in your life line. Limited spots –
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Day by day schedule:
* Wednesday 27.9 : Nada Gambier – writing lab – 10h-17h00
* Thursday 28.9 : Federico Protto -fashion hypnosis- 14h-18h00
Sarah Pletcher – talk- 18h30-20h30
* Friday 29.9 : Nada Gambier -writing lab- 10h-17h00
* Monday 2.10 : Nada Gambier – writing lab- 10h-17h00
* Tuesday 3.10 : Tulio Rosa & Paoletta Holst – reading/screening-
* Wednesday 4.10 : Lucia Palladino – listening, reading and writing
score- 15h30
Tulio Rosa & Paoletta Holst -reading/screening
– 18-21h30
* Thursday 5.10 : Amy Pickles & Chloe Janssens -rituals and
writing- 18h-20h00
* Friday 6.10 : Sara Vilardo -mapping- 13h30-17h30
Amy Pickles & Chloe Janssens -rituals and writing-
* Saturday 7.10 : Sara Vilardo -mapping- 13h30-17h30
Amy Pickles & Chloe Janssens -rituals and
writing- 18h-20h00
* Sunday 8.10 : Sara Vilardo -mapping- 10h-13h00


Unfortunately we no longer have applications. Both programs: the Postgraduate as well as Research Center have come to an end due to the decision of the ministry of education to stop financing a.pass. At the moment we look into new plans for the future. More news soon on our website.

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