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Throughout the research in a.pass, participant are individually followed and supported. a.pass employs individual as well as group mentoring formats. On the level of individual mentorings, participants will be supported by the coordinators according to their needs and by so called ‘dedicated mentors’ proposed by a.pass.  Additional to this participants have access to an individual research budget of 2500€ for external engagements with personal mentors of their choice.


Feedback And Exchange

One of the most important tools for the a.pass learning environment are the numerous discussion, presentation, sharing and feed-backing formats that are constantly being created and recreated in the process of the program development. The most important amplification moments for intense feedback and critique on each other’s researches is concentrated within the so called HalfWayDays and the End Week, but most workshops as well have time scheduled within to discuss and evaluate the work sessions. Feedback, critique and discussion within a.pass are living tools of research that organically emerge out of the practices of the participants as well as the institute. a.pass tries to build a culture of discussion in which we ‘agree to disagree’, rather than one of argumentative oppositions or of convenient politeness.

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The basis for the collective program are the theoretical, practical and artistic workshops that are developed in response to the participant’s questions and problems, and the specifics of a collective research environment. With Workshops we understand a wide spectrum of collaborative frameworks, in which the participants practice and theorise the broader contextualisation of their research. Workshops can be given by participants, the artistic team, and external practictionars and theoreticians.

The program of these workshop is coordinated by the Program Coordinator based on the poropsitions of an Accociated Program Curator and in reaction to the demands of the participants. 



a.pass is a self-organised full time programme and takes up 13 months in total. 12 month in the study program and a 13th month for the final presentation of your research case.

The program is organised in ‘blocks’ of 4 month – 3 month of collective program and one month individual work.

The participants normally follow three blocks consecutively. Exceptionally – when participants want to interrupt their studies for professional activities, or to intensifie their personal studies beyond the collaborative framework – it is possible to skip one block and to extend the working period at a.pass to a maximum duration of 17 months.


Timing & Organisation

At the start of each block (first Monday of January, May and September) new participants can join the training. This brings about a constant flow of new ideas and views. It also allows the participants to exchange insights gained during different moments of a research process. The intermediary buffer periods can be filled in collectively or individually. The training will not stand in the way of artistic creation: participants can work on their own creations.

A normal block is constituated by three collective moments where the whole gruop of participants and mentors meet and exchange about their researches. It starts with an Opening Week where all participants inform the others about the state of their research in order to enable mutual engagements and colaborations. Half way throught the block we meet again for the so called Half Way Days participansts normally exchange about their research in an applied and practiced way. The block is closed by the End Week wherefor we leave Brussels for a full intensive week of critical engagement and experimentation.

Between these collective moments the program of workshops, weekly practices, lectures, dinners, reading groups etc. are scheduled. Beside the provided program, everyone at a.pass is invited to fill this schedule.


Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the a.pass programs is fixed at 1.200,00 EUR.

250,00 EUR should be paid within the first four weeks after the start of the program (for bank details see below).  The remaining 950,00 EUR of the enrolment fee should be paid before the end of your first block.



a.pass is currently based in the infrastructure of the former industrial site ‘de Bottelarij’ in Molenbeek (Brussels). The former brewery is now occupied by a variety of cultural and other organizations. a.pass works mostly in two different spaces:

The 650 square meters collective studio, situated on the 4th floor of the building, where participants can develop their work,  workshops and presentatiosns can take place.

Just bellow, on the 3dr floor of the Bottelarej, we installed the administrative office and a collective library and meeting space.

Beside that there is a storage space for our technical equipment and a work shop for small scenographic undertakings.

Of course the a.pass program spreads also into town and even travels form time to time in order to challange the spacial settings in which we work. Over the years we developed some regular contacts with other institutions in Brussels and beyond and new collaborations are emerge from our work.

Regular partners are: BainsConnective, Nadine, Morpho, KaaiTheater Brussels, Buda Art Center Kortrijk, Ufernstudios Berlin.


what is expected of the participants?

Participants to the a.pass program will be working in a largely self-organized and collaborative environment. They are required to be able to develop a practice-based research, and take an investigative look at their artistic trajectories so far. Participants are required to take up an active role in the development of the a.pass research environment and act as responsive agents in its (re)thinking of the methodologies, strategies and practical organization.

In order to create this context of self-organisation and collaboration we developed over the years a minimum requirement of presence of a participant in the program.

This means per block:

For successfully concluding a.pass participants are required to present their Research.



The program of the post-master is created in a collaboration between the Research Coordinator, the Associated Program Curators and the Program Coordinator. This 'artistic team' is supported by the administrative team. Beside that a fluctuating group of mentors are related to a.pass, four of which are asked to act each block as so called dedicated mentors. Research Coordinator: Elke Van Campenhout Program Coordinator: Nicolas Galeazzi Associate Program Curator (APC): Lilia Mestre, Pierre Rubio, Vladimir Miller
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post master program

a.pass offers a one year post-master artistic research program for the development of an individual research project in a critical and collaborative environment.

The post-master is directed to artists and theoreticians with an interest in exploring the margins of the performative and/or spatial dimensions of their practice.

The program is built on the interplay between a ‘speculative’ practical and an ‘experimental’ critical thinking, and emphasizes the fruitful tension between the individual and collective component. In a context of self-organization and collaboration participants create a personal trajectory through collective workshops, individual and group mentoring, and interactions with the other participants. The individual researches build the main resources on which the collective component is based on. It’s concrete program is developed in response and dialogue to the needs of the individual researches and the common discourse they produce.


post-master program
pre phd-program
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