RESOURCE: The Care-taking Scores

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Written translations of videos capturing the body movements and gestures of my mum taking care of the domestic environment. 

These written translations take the form of poems/scores – set of instructions, sequences of movements.


23 September 2016

I start the translation of the written translation into a dance choreography.

I invent the movements and I try to remember them during the same session. For that I practice what I invented right afterwards, repeating small bits of movements time after time, while trying to add something each time I repeat the sequence. I test the memory of my body in sparkles of joy. I try to build up fluidity and spontaneity of the body starting from a condition of constraint and given instruction.

During the act of translation, I notice how high is the normative strength of choreography.

In the practice both of the care taking gestures that I can reconstruct in my memory through the reading, and in the dance movements I am doing now, the wrists play an important role. I sense how they could be considered the site for tuning (regulating, adjusting) the degree of care one applies through the gesture.


30 September 2016

This second time I enter the resource, I am transforming my first experience and experiment into a commitment.. into a sustained practice.

While addressing this resource, I in fact realize I am also working on the gap `practice`. 

It is very difficult at first to cross the threshold of the space of the body, the space of the practice, trusting the letting go of the thought-processes where I am immersed. 

After a week passed, I want to test my memory of the choreography by directly diving into it, without reading the written score of instructions.

As during the first time of this try out, there is a video camera as an external device to record my movements and verify my memory from an outside source of documentation. It is also a tool through which I aim at observing my body position, the orientation of it in the space, and how to work on composition.








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