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Practices for perceiving a common space
to start with

1. Enter a space, and first listen. –  Tune your focus to the sounds in that space. Tune your focus to the sounds beyond that space. Tune your focus to the sounds of your self . Make a sound – and listen.

2. Close your eyes, visualize in front of your inner eye how you saw the space the last time, or how you imagined it before you kew it. Open your eyes and juxtapose this image onto what you see now. Walk bit around.

3. Walk around, feel the space, touch some surfaces, enjoy them – or not, feel the floor, feel the walls, feel the dimensions, feel the distances, the distances of your body. Feel the things. Feel time passing.

4. Imagine yourself as an object in that space. There are things in relation: the floor is a thing in relation to a thing on the floor. These things are in relation to the walls (that are things). Time is a thing in relation to the things – and of course you as well you are one of those things, in that space of relation. Have a look at them. Have a look at the relations. they are in change.

5. The things are there. No need to own them. You have access. They respond to you as much as you respond to them. What does it mean to make yourself accessible to the ‚things‘ in this space.

6. Close your eyes. Position yourself within these relations. Visualize in front of your inner eye how you saw the space when you entered. Did your perception of the space change?

7. Open your eyes and shake your body.

This space:  a note
This space is available to you. It has been made available using institutional tools. Convincing the tax society to pay the rent (to pay someone who legally is entitled to own that building). Layers of societal, cultural, political and legal contracts formed through history cover the availability and the allowance to do our experiments – to a certain degree. The institutionalization of the procedure to make space free for a specific intent has obvious consequences. It forms our intent as much as we can form it. a.pass tries to take this as much as possible as a dialogue with the institutional demands and tries to stretch and bend them.
Of course this stretching and bending has an impact: we are within a system. We willingly decided to be within.
There is a city around this space. The city, the society, has other demands then the institutions. We are in experimental dialogue with those demands as well – and institution like ours always translate form institutionally governed demands to societal and personal demands. The translation can be used critically, constructively and subversively on all those levels; the institutional, the societal and the very personal. Changing the narratives, as Kate put it.

This space is dedicated for common use, and for the next three month everything in it as well. What does that mean? How and to what degree does this change the narrative? How does it effect and affect us as a group and as individuals, and can we translate this altered narrative to the outside?

My resource is my body in that space, and in relation to the commonality of that space and all, and everyone that is in it. In order to excavate, activate it as a common resource I would like to propose the practice described above. 

(16/09/16) acting like a God, i suddently wanted to change the whole space, but my gradioseness didn’t bring me very far. I only changed the tools-table to another location.  Also after wondering around the space trying to get familiarized with what was there, i took all objects which materiality appealed to me, and i placed them in a collage-like playground. Anouk finished it later with the actions she performed on it.


applied the respurce on as a tool on that litle realm:

Thanks for providing it! Surrounded by everyones concentration, I set myself free to performe without showing, just play! creating my space, in the space. excavaiting my own resource in a gap of someone else. Think its a gap, wasn’t even aware the surce of the gap. Just enjoyed playing in it and exprloring my resource throug my body.


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