24-30 June 2019

(a dialogical monologue) Flavio Rodrigo


Earlier, everyone saw quite clearly that the question of limits would inevitably arise, but the shared decision, among the Moderns at least, had been to ignore that question bravely by a very strange form of disinhibition. One could go ahead and grab land, use it and abuse it, without listening to the prophets of doom, since the ground itself kept more or less quiet!

(Latour, Bruno – Down to Earth)


Inner Trace


OUTER ME – What are the boundaries between learning and unlearning?

INNER ME – I do not know, this week I felt that I learned many things, but I don’t know if I unlearned anything. Maybe I was amazed at things like: abundance, empathy, sympathy. Perhaps the idea of ​​unlearning something is located in the way we criticize and question the ways we commonly use to learn. My intuition is that is totally located in the revaluation of the “errors” in the process of learning. I hope to be able to develop this thinking better, for now it’s just a clue that I intend to follow.

INNER ME – How much freedom is there in abundance?

OUTER ME – There are a lot, this week I could do a lot of things without worrying about having the necessary structure so I could do such things. Freedom consists precisely in being able to be delivered to the universe of things that are beyond basic needs. But I also found plenty of “prison feelings” in the abundance of this week.

INNER ME – How much prison is there in abundance, so?

OUTER ME – I do not know for sure, but all the time I felt like living a fiction. Such abundance holds me still more to reality, after all, everything seems slightly false, artificial. As if it were only the effect of a very powerful drug. As if the abundance only served to remind me that I am not part of this small portion of the elites. But this self-consciousness, in a way, also sets me free to enjoy it while I can. Changing the subject, what about the lake and the Alps?

INNER ME – Unquestionable! Beautiful, challenging! Nature challenged me on many levels of my most recent fears in this week!

OUTER ME – (start laughing)

INNER ME – Why are you laughing? Don’t you think the same?

OUTER ME – No! I mean… Yes, nature is definitely not lacking!

INNER ME – You’re going to write about it? Will you document everything that happened in some way?

OUTER ME – Why are you asking this? I thought you didn’t have any desire of “documenting”.

INNER ME – I’m completely unwilling to document. This probably wont interest to anyone! No one will read this again! Documentation sucks! This is probably going to disappear into the closets in Michelle’s office on the 3rd floor.

OUTER ME – Totally right.

Outer Trace


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