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Perform Back Score

14 January-31 March 2015

how to document performance?



Proposed by Lilia Mestre for the Block 2015/I (January-March)

This score was a proposal to communicate through performance throughout the block. It focuses on performance as a tool for the transformation of thought, intuition, desire, referentiality, practice into a communication medium. How to introduce exposure, playfulness, risk, generosity, exchange, fuck fear, contamination and precision in our way of communicating? How does this communication produce desire? To whom, where and how is this desire directed? What is the intensity/quality of it? What is the political agency of it?

The aim was to develop systems to practice the staging of philosophy, critical exposure and the rhetorics inherent to any body, object, word, situation. It is a working score. Taking as a principle that the artwork raises questions and doesn’t give answers I would like to propose a Q&A in 9 sessions where we can just perform. The series of performances will function as replies that raise (an)other(s) question(s) or problematic (s). This score will also be a documentation practice that questions performance as a document.

The performances can take any kind of medium, strategy. Just it would be good if you are a writer to work at least two times in another medium and if you are not a writer to reply at least two times with text.

The invitation is to meet once a week for 3 hours and work together. These meetings will have to happen after 17:00 and can take place in different environments.


Set up

14 January in the afternoon. (last day of opening week)

In this meeting we’ll set up the frame that will accompany the score for the 9 sessions.

We’ll assign to whom we are addressing the first performances.

First session

*Every participant will display a 5 minutes performance as a gift.

*After performance the participant will assign a participant that will reply the week after.

*Discussion about the problematics that emerged.

*We’ll choose for a space and time for the next session.

Sessions 2 till 9

*Every participant will display her /his response in a 5 minutes performance.

*After all presentations we’ll assign together the next repliers.

*Discussion about the problematics that emerged.

*We’ll choose for a space and time for the next session.


All performances will be filmed in the same format. Julia Clever (ex-a.pass working on documentary) will be working with us. All next repliers can take a video home to work on their responses.

We’ll think and work together on the notion of archive and of performance as documentation.


Tinna´s Perform Backs

animated versions

PBS Tinna

Excerps from my experiments from the workshop “Perform Back Score” that was lead by LILIA MESTRE.
The experiments were 5 minutes performances that were a reaction to others performance that were done the week before.

As the time goes by slowly when watching a 5 minute long live performance on screen, and because my set-ups had an animated quality about them, I sped it up !
Much more fun that way.




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Protected: Perform back score grid

14 January-30 March 2015

pbs grid
This grid was created by Julia Clever to consult the videos filmed during the 9 sessions of the Perform Back Score. It is alined by sessions chronologically indicated by numbers and the lettered threads created by responding to each others performances. The links will get you to a protected vimeo page. Some of the participants of Perform Back Score made their videos public. Enjoy watching, and handle the material with care!
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2015 BLOCK I

1 January-31 March 2015

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Lilia Mestre BLOCK FOCUS 2015/I

5 January-30 April 2015


The proposal is to plunge into the conditions for the emergence of poetics. Poetics used here as acts that transform our ways of perceiving, situations that invite another understanding of ‘things’. If we think performance as the coming-forth of those acts, as a framed re-actualization of what is there (a part of the world) we can give focus to the relations
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Eric Thielemans REPERTOIRE

5-9 January 2015

eric thielemans
With the workshop on 'Repertoire', proposed by Eric Thielemans, will not only bring us close to the background of each our’s researches, but confront us with the question what the self-built conditions of our practices are.
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postgraduate program, workshop

Pierre Rubio, Elke Van Campenhout Performance / Performativity / Objects / Subjects

19-23 January 2015

USA. Florida. Cape Kennedy. Space center. 1967.
Pierre Rubio and Elke Van Campenhout give will give time to discuss the basic concepts addressed in the block: Performance and Performativity.
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Ana Hoffner Tools for artistic research – Beckett

2-6 February 2015

The workshop starts from the assumption that the work of Samuel Beckett can offer a variety of tools for contemporary forms of artistic research. In the workshop we will focus on absurdity, melancholy, exhaustion, sense/nonsense and emptiness as main signifiers of Beckett’s work for stage, TV and film. We will watch and analyse selected scripts, dialogues, spatial set-ups and performances in order to transform them into our own experiments, exercises and techniques using body, space, camera and text.
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Nikolaus Gansterer Choreographic figures, deviations from the line

23-27 February 2015

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-25 um 15.08.43
Choreo-graphic Figures - Deviations from the Line is an interdisciplinary collaboration involving artist Nikolaus Gansterer, choreographer Mariella Greil and writer-artist Emma Cocker. The project unfolds through two interconnected aims: we are interested in the nature of ‘thinking-feeling-knowing’ operative within artistic practice, and seek to develop systems of notation for sharing and reflecting on this often hidden or undisclosed aspect of the creative process.
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Daniel Blanga-Gubbay Conditions for something to happen (latent performances)

2-6 March 2015

How is it possible to go beyond the idea of creating something to suddenly create a space ready for the emergence of something unspecific to happen? By merging theory and practice - working both through interventions in given and constructed space - Daniel Blanga-Gubay let the participates of this workshop investigate not only the question "what are the condition for the emergence of an action", but eventually "what does it mean to create (and abandon) a space filled with unforeseen possible actions?"
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Antonia Baehr “When this you see remember me.” *

9-13 March 2015

In this workshop, we will investigate how scores can function as a constitutive factor for kinship relations. We will write scores as gifts to each other, and I will share some of ‚ “make up productions‚” working methods with you. This workshop examines the boundaries between score/interpretation, rehearsal/performance, director/performer, and audience/presentation. This workshop’s focus is an investigation through praxis.
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lilia mestre ScoreScapes

31 December 2016

As associate program curator for the first four months of 2014, 2015 and 2016 my focus was and is on how systems of interaction in the arts contribute to the production (process? creation?) of knowledge, first of all in the educational context and consequently, in my belief, in other social environments. I take these systems as scores that, when followed rigorously, demand the implication of individual engagement and resources in a much needed share-ability within a system of production and observation. In the act of giving attention to one’s own work, to the other’s work but also to the group and its context, the ecological and social aspects of art making are reflected and expanded. The inter-subjective bound takes place beyond the art works and practices themselves but in the act of paying attention, of observing and being observed.
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