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João Fiadeiro Real Time Composition Open Sessions

19-21 July 2021 / a.pass

Foto by Carolina Canpos

As Associated Researcher at the a.pass Research Center, João Fiadeiro will open his research process to the a.pass community in order to exchange, clarify and discuss the premisses and principles of Real Time Composition, a tool that practices radical decentering in order to attend to what exceeds human experience. This process can be accessed in a series of meetings/slots between July 19 and 21.

In Portuguese, the word “reparar” can be understood both as “noticing, attending”, and as “restoring, repairing”. It also means “stopping twice” (re-parar). Real Time Composition works in the entanglement of these three meanings because they invite all at once to come to a halt and to observe as a commitment to the present and a willingness to restore what has been wounded.

Real Time Composition “object of study” is the space-time interval that emerges when the experience we all have with linear time is interrupted and suspended by an accident/incident. This generates a “rift” in the “arrow of time” opening a gap in the sensation of continuity. Inside this space, time is not linear (or circular) but “twisted” (like a “Möbius strip” topological surface), governed by laws that don’t respect conventional notions of before or after, inside or outside, up or down, left or right. Inside this space, time has this rare quality of being simultaneously “no longer” and “not yet”.


Real Time Composition is a contra-intuitive tool because it practices an ability to look at ourselves looking at (ourselves looking at) things. It does that by “practicing”, by default, the famous Bartleby’s approach to (re)action: “I would prefer not to…”. An attribute that keeps “possibility suspended between occurrence and non-occurrence, between the capacity to be and the capacity not to be.” (Giorgio Agamben, Bartleby, or On Contingency in Potentialities: SUP, California,1999).


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On João Fiadeiro

As an artist João Fiadeiro positions himself in the crossroads between performance, dance, visual arts and theater. As a researcher he positions himself in the intersections between practice and theory; art and science; life and art. His work – both as an artist and as a researcher – relies on the premiss that composition should be understood and experienced as com-position (the preposition “com” means “with” in Portuguese). That is to say, not as an act of “positioning oneself against”, but as an act of “positioning oneself with”.

João Fiadeiro (1965) is a Portuguese performer, choreographer, researcher, teacher and curator. He belongs to the generation of artists who emerged in the late eighties in Portugal and gave rise to the New Portuguese Dance movement. He was the artistic director of ATELIER RE.AL a structure that played a major role in the development of contemporary dance and trans-disciplinary initiatives in Portugal. João Fiadeiro has toured extensively throughout Europe, North and South America with his solo and group works. In the 90’ João Fiadeiro studied and practiced intensively Contact-Improvisation which led him to pursue and systematize his own research on improvisation under the designation of Real Time Composition. This research has led him to coordinate workshops in Masters and PhDs programs in several schools and universities throughout the world.

Currently he his a PhD student at Colégio das Artes, Coimbra University and Associated Researcher at a.pass, Brussels, with a scholarship from Calouste Gulbenkian Fundation in Lisbon





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