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Research Center Open Reading Group

22 May 2023 / online

NEW: Every second Monday 19-21h 



22.05.2023 19h

“Narrate, Speculate, Fabulate: Didier Debaise and Benedikte Zitouni in Conversation with Isabelle Doucet”

proposed by Gosie Vervloessem


05.06.2023 19h

Marie Bardet: “Making a Front With Our Backs” Translated by: Ellen Heaghney

Jara Rocha: “testing texting South: a political fiction”

proposed by caterina daniela mora jara


19.06.2023 20h

Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui: “Ch’ixinakax utxiwa: A Reflection on the Practices and Discourses of Decolonization”

proposed by Tulio Rosa

03.07.2023 19h

Tjalie Robinson: “Vivere Pericolosamente”

proposed by Paoletta Holst


17.07.2023 19h

W.J.T. Mitch: “Art And Public life: A Conversation Theaster Gates”

proposed by Maurice Meewisse and Vladimir Miller


The Research Center Open Reading Group follows the research trajectories of the Associate Researchers with text proposals from the collective library of the current  Research Center and new texts written by the researchers themselves. The reading group is public and open to join in person and online. 



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28.09.22 @ Radical House

caterina daniela mora jara, AR


12.10.22 @ Radical House and online

Florian Cramer and Nienke Terpsma, What is wrong with the Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research?


26.10.22 at apass and online

A House in the Dutch East Indies by Paoletta Holst


09.11.22 online

Maurice Meewisse proposes: Mark Cousins “On Support”, from: Celine Condorelli “Support Structures”


23.11.22 online

Tulio Rosa proposes: a chapter from “Potential History, Unlearning Imperialism” by Ariella Aïsha Azoulay


07.12.22 online

Vladimir Miller proposes: introductory chapter from “Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization.” S. Shukatis, D. Graeber & E. Biddle (Eds.),


Wednesday 4.01.23 17h online

Paoletta Holst proposes: Ann Laura Stoler, “Interior Frontiers” in: Ann Laura Stoler, Stathis Gourgouris, And Jacques Lezra, [Ed]. Thinking with Balibar A Lexicon of Conceptual Practice. Fordham University Press: New York, 2020, pp. 99-115 (pdf)


Wednesday 18.01.23 17h online

Maurice Meewisse proposes: texts from 
Manifesta Journal #8- collective curating (2009): “The crux of polyphonic language, or the thing as gathering” by Katharine Schieben and other texts


Wednesday 01.02.23 online

caterina daniela mora jara proposes: “inflation, debt, budget” – her own text in progress; and the chapter “Naming Material” by Jeroens Peters from “And then it got legs’”


Wednesday 22.02.23

Tulio Rosa proposes: “YWY, Searching for a Character between Future Worlds: Gender, Ecology, Science Fiction” 
Edited by Pedro Neves Marques.


Wednesday 01.03.23 17h at a.pass and online

Vladimir Miller proposes: Eve Tuck ‘Breaking up with Deleuze: desire and valuing the irreconcilable’, (2010)


Wednesday 08.03.23 17h at a.pass and online

Túlio Rosa proposes: “Self Defense: a philosophy of violence”, by Elsa Dorli. Introduction and first chapter.


Wednesday 22.03.23 17h online

Maurice Meewisse proposes: Chantal Mouffe: “For an Agonistic Model of Democracy”, chapter 4 from “The Democratic Paradox”, Verso 2009

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