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7 July 2024 / rue Manchesterstraat 17, Molenbeek

with a.pass and nadine

SUMMER Drink -01

work in progress by Diego Echegoyen (sound performance) & Davide Tidoni (film)

July 7 at 18h30
rue de Manchesterstraat 17, Molenbeek


Let’s celebrate SUMMER ! After the Spring Drink nadine and a.pass are very happy to invite you for their Summer Drink ! This time with work in progress (performance, sound and film) by Diego Echegoyen and Davide Tidoni. 

Join us, together with our friends of nadine, for a free drink and 2 presentations!



   – 18:30 – doors open + drink
   – 19:00 – Invisible Cities by Diego Echegoyen 
   – 20:15 – The Birth of a Song/Come nasce una canzone by Davide Tidoni



*** Invisible Cities by Diego Echegoyen (work in progress, 50 min)

Invisible Cities is the new performative project by Diego Echegoyen. This sound performance delves into how, when and under which conditions the cities and memories overlap, how they dislocate, appearing somewhere else and coexisting with different landscapes. During his residency at a.pass, Diego explored the transition from sound installation to performative forms, incorporating elements and techniques from sound art, theatre and expanded choreography. The installation shifts to a performative sound piece by unleashing a choreography of shadows and lights as a glimpse of an ever-murmuring fictive city. Is it a matter of memories or perception, or is it about Migration? How can it be that a place reappears in another and then they stick together? How does it speak about the presence/absence? In any case, they all serve as backdrops and catalysts for Diego’s creative process. His relation to Brussels, where he currently resides, and Buenos Aires marks the pace of his work as the memories bridge one city to the other.


*** The Birth of a Song/Come nasce una canzone by Davide Tidoni (work in progress, 75min + aftertalk)

The video The Birth of a Song continues Davide’s research on voice, protest songs, and the NoTAV movement (more info)The work shows the clashes between police and NoTAV, which occurred in Valsusa on July 4, 2011, and links them to the song, Il furbo celerino (The Sneaky Riot Cop)created by the NoTAV movement itself a few months after the clashes. The work reflects on protest songs as situated and relational gestures, actions intervening within a specific temporal contexts, expressing force and meaning in response to contingent situations.




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