Aela Royer

Aela Royer is a young artist performer graduated from the fine art school of Grenoble (ESAD-GV), FRANCE and from an erasmus period at the Central Saint Martin's School in London. Her work questions eroticism as a living movement, an erotic doctrine to build an-other-new body. She uses electronic instruments she builds, interacting with light and sound, to experience the moving limits of this newly-other-body. Her work is an endless work-in-progress based on experimentations and body and spiritual practices. Meanwhile she researches through references such as Marcel Duchamp, cyber and xenofeminism, taoism, physics, mathematics and geometry a way to redefine the erotic movement. The premise of this research is a body endlessly in transformation, transformed by its environment and which endlessly transforms this environment in return. Space, time, gender, sexuality, beauty, language, etc. are not fixed definitions but values we have been taught by the society. And it is those values that keep us at side of our freedom: “we are not free from our own definitions as soon as we remain understandable”. Building a free body nowadays is a challenge which starts by the awareness of a simple fact: everything from our cells to space-time is constantly in mutation and our perception including tools such as science and philosophy, will never be enough to catch those mutations. Simply because the observer moves simultaneously with what it observes. But awareness is not enough ! We need to experiment the possibilities of a body moving out norms. This becomes possible when each one of us gets away from an erotic movement which has leaded us into a capitalistic system playing with the fear of missing and the desire of possessing and controlling our environment. It does not mean to get rid of technology; it is the exact opposite. Technology has reached a step that allows us now to understand and to catch even better the interconnections between human being and its environment (both natural and artificial). Here it is about proposing a new way to define and live both technology and economy. We need to embody another erotic movement able to match our endless mutations, to constantly redefine itself and its interconnections and to get away from any will to capitalise, to keep stable and determined ourself and what surrounds us. A revolution “starts small and then spreads like water, infiltrating, borderless, able to solidify as well as to evaporate. It is flexible and has high dissolvability. It can take in, absorb, assimilate and transport a lot”. Jan Ritsema, A Liquid Revolution: For a community without Money, Management, and Political Representation, a we-can-do-it-ourselves economy, a for-free economy. We need to become liquid. We need to build new erotic bodies able to reconstruct the system from the inside. A revolution rises in each one of us.


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