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hi, why am i concerned with the complaint of my friends? this is about checking my own infrastructural concerns about zones of encounter and redirecting oversized libidinal aggressions, [and pain-relief? {is my work all about (philosophical/artistic) pain-relief?}] ... Iran-centrism ... ([let's start with] the materially textured poetics of) ajayeb --> descriptive practices of poetics and natural history --> (active capacities of) description --> [getting interested in] *description* (and my own diffractive descriptive acts) --> it is about many different forms that something can take and does take + the things that can be perceived and thought with those things --> (عجایب المخلوقات / عجایب نامه) [*]ajayeb: a once percepted thing on the threshold of sense in the prisma of social poesis producing a cartography of what might be happening in a world as an object of composition an alternative perspective on temporality (of anthropocene, or whatever your bad object is,) involves developing a poetics of description as a mode of affective and aesthetic amplification ... technology is anything describable as a technology ...

reading session, research center

Monday Readings Databases

16 April 2018 / a.pass, 3rd floor

Stickyness, stopping points, consistency, routines, mnemosyne


This Monday Reading prepared with Sina Seifee will be dedicated to the intricate structures of the ubiquitous database. Browsing the tables and rows of this very website, we will try to graps the affordances and limits of organising the world as a collection of digital data.

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reading session, research center

Monday Readings

15 January-16 April 2018

Reading across technical tools and theoretical devices


In cultural institutions like a.pass, digital tools are used for communication, archiving, administration and production. These computational infrastructures depend more often than not on the services of tech giants and are put to use without too much space for reflection on how they actually work. If we want to bring technology within reach of interrogation and critique, how to break the spell of those paralysing regimes? How to shift the relationship from efficiency to curiosity; from scarcity to multiplicity and from solution to possibility?

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There has been a shift in humanities scholarship:

(feminist science studies, the post humanities, the ecological humanities, animal studies, queer theory,) humanities scholars have represented their matters of care with an aesthetic (and therefore political) commitment to narrating stories with an emphasis on the relationality among agencies, forces, phenomena, and entities usually kept separate, in the background, or out of the story altogether

–> redistribution of agencies

political stake ==> aesthetic tactics

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Book club #7bis An Animal Escape Case

10 March 2017 / a.pass

Book club series special event / Sina Seifee

Tessa Farmer - 2010 A Darker Shade of Grey
The essay-performance plays with some standards​ of cross-species identification according to an Indo-Iranian mode of subjectivity and my own animal-findings in contemporary Tehran. We zoom in what the idea of "wilderness" withholds in technologically mediated stories and rumors that populate domestic life and quotidian of middle ages of this neighborhood. Through fairy-tale associations the lecture investigates operative non-understandings in old and new threads of cosmology that formulate reciprocity and being-with of the mediated non-humanity and investigates the cases of failed collaboration between species. ​
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