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Florian Feigl How do we do the things that we do? #2

26 February-2 March 2018

a rewrite of twelve design principles


In this second period of my visit in the a.pass Block „making/conditions“ I want to propose a sequence of practical, object based approaches that allow to broaden perspectives on the individual research projects as well as oon the over arching theme of this block.

How do the objects, thus the different elements and entities of an individual research perform. How do they interact with us, human agents, and with other elements, what suppoprt do they need, how would this potentially articulate the individual research processes as processes of radical imagination (Katja Rothe).

Each participants is asked to bring three objects (not more then five if you cannot decide). The practical sessions will be slow approaches towards the objects starting with drawing, associating, moving, writing. These first approaches will be followed by a series of exercises focusing on spatial constellations based on improvisation and movement introducing strategies of composition and sequencing. In a concluding session we elaborate based on these previous experiencies micro sequences of possible performances: performances of the objects, performances for and with the objects.

The sessions are based on individual and group exercises. Practical exercises will be followed by group evaluation.

To accompagny this practice based research we will read in depth a text by Katja Rothe „Permaculture Design Praxis“ and discuss basic terms, ideas and visualizations from permaculture design practice (Mollision, Holmgren). Experiences and results from both the practical and more discursive approaches will be related to your ongoing research and developments in the formulation and desgin of patterns and their articulations in the spatial situation in the common studio and work schedules.


We will work from Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 17.00. Depending on the days each day will be divided rouhgly into two blocks of three hours with a one hour lunch break. Or three blocks of two hours with a lunch break.

Day 1:

Katja Rothe „Permaculture Design Praxis“ – reading and exchanging – part 1

Introduction of object based, practical work, exchange and clarifications regarding objects

You don‘t need to have your objects fixed and prepared already – you are welcome though. However, a rough idea would be good. Because on day 2 you will need to have them with you.

Day 2:

Katja Rothe „Permaculture Design Praxis“ – reading and exchanging – part 2

Practical session: First exercises with the objects. Exchange and evaluation of practical session.

Day 3:

permacultural design practice part 1: the zone model, edge effect – introduction, exchange, discussion

Practical session: exercises with the objects – spatial constelllation – part 1.

Exchange and evaluation of practical session.

Day 4:

permacultural design practice part 2: twelve design principles – introduction, exchange, discussion

Practical session: exercises with the objects – spatial constelllation – part 2.

Exchange and evaluation of practical session.

Day 5:

Practical session: object work – sequencing and micro performances

Exchange and evaluation of practical session.

revisiting patterns

revisiting ideas of performance

revisiting conditions


As the days, the discursive inputs and practical exercises build up from day to day full-time commitment is required from the whole group of participants. Individual necessities can be discussed in advance but can be accomodated only as exceptions. Please contact me latest until Wednesday, February 21st und


post-master program
pre phd-program
to be discussed

please upload your Research proposal, Portfolio, CV and other documents here.

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