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1 January-29 April 2018

Nicolas Galeazzi


24 JANUARY 2018 at the TOPOS, close to my INTAMISILLY ROOM

The space is being formed. Slowly it’s taking shape. Slowly the condition emerges by itself. Where did it come from? Hard to say. It’s a collection of memories, past actions and future musings and possibilities. It’s at the crossroad of then and then. Maybe it’s even now. But to be able to say that, to make such a statement, more time should be spent in and with the actual space/room/condition. I am creating a condition for myself. But it’s a very liquid one, in the sense that nothing is being set in stone. Two walls have wheels, one wall is a curtain, the door is aluminium spaghetti,… But the mental space is quite set… This condition. I create. I am that condition. Why am I creating this condition? Out of habit. That’s true… It’s an habitual environment. It’s the kind of place that brings me to results. BUT! Results I know / like. Is that helping my research? It’s a way. A tool. Let’s stay open for other options, possibilities, methodologies…

So. The space I am forming. My plan for this block is action. Action in my case leads to form. Shaping. I need the material to gain insight. I need to use my body. Put it in shapes, forms, molds. Shapes that are not me. Performing. Acting. Shapeshifting is my ‘métier’. That’s the backpack I am carrying. The words I was shaping in the previous block seem to be lost. Somewhere. In the new space I’m building? I know my research had something to do with You and I, with ‘using masks as tools of awareness’. That sounds so good. ‘A tool of awareness…’. But I lost what it means or even meant. I don’t know anymore what I’m doing. But I’m not worried. I’m in the dark building a space. And I’m confident working and doing will bring clarity. At times my thinking and theorizing in the last block seemed so clear, especially talking to Peggy and sometimes to Heike too. The words and theoretical understanding went on a holiday. I hope they will send me a postcard soon…

All is set. Almost. The coming days I will become others. They will interact with other researchers at a.pass. Maybe my colleagues will shine bright or bring their flashlights.


25 JANUARY 2018 at the TOPOS, at the dining table next to the kitchen


Today I wanted to bring a record player. There’s one in my basement. I wanted, but I didn’t. I was looking at it and thought: why? It’s an extra tool, an extra asset, an extra thing to toy around with, to help me find meaning. But I’m often using the same tools. I guess that’s not such a problem since a painter tends to use paint and a canvas, and a carpenter uses wood. But what do I use? Tools to create something I can show. But I’m doing research. I’m searching for ways to eliminate the distance between Me and You. Well… Eliminating sounds drastic, let’s call it: make the space between you and me as tiny as performatively possible. That’s another piece of information I’ll have to chew on. I’m writing for writing, I’m practicing automatic writing, so what comes out, comes out…

Instead of the record player I brought an old newspaper. ‘La Nation Belge’ from 17 December 1931. Inhabiting another skin through masks may feel similar as inhabiting another time, the thirties! It’s always striking to see how little has actually and effectively changed. I have lots of these newspapers. I found them under the linoleum on the second floor of the house I’m living in. During renovations I stumbled on them and just started reading…

Now there’s one in the Topos. Feel free to read.

I plan interviews. On the Intamissily stage and TV-Studio. Next week. Have to think about that. About the how. How to get closer to the other’s researches…

I’m reminded of ‘Swimming’ by Martha and the Muffins. Especially the phrase: ‘We’re afraid to call it love, let’s call it swimming’. Hmmm. Sounds usefull. Listen here:


AND I re-read the first lines of my research proposal. It helps (!):

The proposed research aims to investigate how hyper-realistic silicone spfx-masks can be used as tools of awareness to shed more light on race, gender and class issues in an experiential, sensual and non-mental way. How to help performers and non-performers create another persona and let them experience how it feels to literally be in somebody else’s skin, wearing another one’s face in non-theatrical daily situations. How does this change their perspectives? Or doesn’t it change anything? How does this, in a broader sense, affect the notions of ‚I’ and ‚You’? How does it affect one’s outlook on one’s own community, conditionings and beliefs?

postgraduate program, workshop

admin’s & enterpreneur’s reading list

a reading list proposed by Kate Rich
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A Pattern Language: Art/istic, Institutions*ing, and Research (practices)

In analogy  – or response – to the idea of a Pattern Language as Christopher Alexander described it in 1970’s the researchers at a.pass tried to understand how a pattern language could be written for the context of artistic research and especially for the creation of good conditions for the practice of research as an art form.

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postgraduate program

Block 18/I: making / conditions

8 January-1 April 2018

curated by Nicolas Galeazzi

This block combines institutional critique with a fundamental depiction of Performance in its various interpretations in economy, administration, performing arts, and sociology. Performance stands for productivity and efficiency as much as for presence, representation, and the transformative power of speech. Investigating the interdependency between our artistic research practice and its surrounding adinistrative and economic supportstructures, we will develop a pattern language for conditioning practices in the arts - a pattern language as a set of tools for finding the 'institute' behind our research.
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information, postgraduate program

Nicolas Galeazzi Block overview

8 January-1 April 2018

plenum & forum

This post gives a sort overview over the organisation and schedule of the block 2018/I
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research center, seminar

Dra. Adriana la Selva What are you training for?

10-11 January 2018

On acting and performance techniques - Current directions for embodied research in the performing arts

Adriana La Selva is participant of the a.pass PhD Research Center program and proposes the 2 day seminar "What are e training for?" in relation to her home universisty U-Ghent. The topic addresses the conditions of the body in relation to its performativity. Starting the investigations of the self-creation of conditions at the body seems to comply with the intentions of the block MAKING / CONDITIONS perfectly. 
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postgraduate program, workshop

Florian Feigl How do we do the things that we do?

18-19 January 2018

a rewrite of twelve design principles

Two working periods in January and February to analyse, discuss and introduce strategies and methodological approaches as articulated in permaculture desgin practice (Mollison, Holmgren) in relation to the Pattern Theory (Alexander) towards an environ-mental & corpo-real understanding of artistic process and artistic research.
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postgraduate program, workshop

Nicolas Galeazzi pattern language for conditioning practices

19 January-23 March 2018

weekly meetings

Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-19 um 15.28.20
In order to explore MAKING / CONDITIONS we will try to create a Pattern Language for conditioning practices in the arts. With reference to the same named concept, proposed by the architect and philosopher Christopher Alexander in the late 1970's, we will investigate the patterns that help us to cretate the conditions for our artistic research through this very same research practices.
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postgraduate program, workshop

Kate Rich Critical Administration

30 January-3 February 2018 / a.pass 4th floor

Shaking down the entrepreneur


This workshop takes place in the devastated landscape of the Creative Economy. Dipping cautiously into realms of business and economics (in which artists are generally and probably wilfully unschooled), we will take a pigeon’s-eye view (scrappy, opportunistic, only occasionally vicious) of worn-out tropes such as entrepreneurialism, human capital and cultural enterprise.

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Critical Administration Forum

30 January-3 February 2018

Shaking down the entrepreneur

This page is a forum in it self! A forum to discuss, digest and document the content of the Critical Administration: Shaking down the Enterpreneur Froum with Kate Rich at a.pass. Please find the descriotion of the project here.

The page is a froum in the sense of a working place for exchange and the building of relations. The posts placed here are to be understood as a conversation!

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postgraduate program, workshop

Florian Feigl How do we do the things that we do? #2

26 February-2 March 2018

a rewrite of twelve design principles

Two working periods in January and February to analyse, discuss and introduce strategies and methodological approaches as articulated in permaculture desgin practice (Mollison, Holmgren) in relation to the Pattern Theory (Alexander) towards an environ-mental & corpo-real understanding of artistic process and artistic research.
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postgraduate program, seminar

Pieter Vermeulen Performing knowledge.

9 March-9 February 2018 / ARIA - Antwerp

Lecture-performances in perspective

Duende Neon Mana close up small,copy

Lecture-performances have gained increasing attention in recent years, in the wake of the ‘academic turn’, which frames artistic praxis as a form of research. Its genealogy can arguably be traced back to the emergence of performance art in the 1960s, with canonical examples such as Robert Morris, Dan Graham, Andrea Fraser and Joseph Beuys. Contemporary artists like Sharon Hayes, William Kentridge, Rabih Mroué, Hito Steyerl, Amalia Ulman, Walid Raad, Bruce High Quality Foundation and many others are now continuing this historical legacy. Sharpening the relation between art and knowledge, their work can be situated at the intersection of visual art, lecture and performance.

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postgraduate program, seminar

Alberto Cossu / Ronny Heiremans / Nicolas Galeazzi Reclaiming economy – it’s art anyway

16-16 March 2018 / a.pass / starting at 19:00

an evening on the self-governing of fairness

In the framework the current block in which we work on the making of condition, a.pass is inviting together with SOTA, Alberto Cossu and Ronny Heiremans to discuss the self-governing for cultural practices under the defaul of different surrounding systems. Alberto works as a researcher within the occupied theater MACAO in Milano, Ronny researches as an artist in Belgium labour conditions through the rewriting of the artist contract.
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postgraduate program, workshop

Alberto Cossu crypting currency, etc.

16-16 March 2018 / a.pass 4th floor / 10:00 to 17:00

Next to the event Reclaiming Economy – it’s art, Alberto Cossu provides a workshop for us during the day of the 16th March. He will give us a closer insight into his practical experience with the common coin crypto-currency he helped to developed at MACAO and his profound research into the self-governance of that place. 

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