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    • HEARSAY 09 May 2017
      posted by: Kristien Van den Brande
    • Luiza Crosman, Juan Duque, Sana Ghobbeh, Sébastien Hendrickx, Aela Royer
    • Greylight Projects
    • 23 May 2017
    • 25 May 2017

      At the end of a one year research cycle at a.pass, Luiza Crosman (BR), Juan Duque (CO), Sana Ghobbeh (IR), Sébastien Hendrickx (BE) and Aela Royer (FR) open their thoughts and practices to a larger audience through (lecture-)performances, installations and performative scores. You are welcome to explore a tentacular collection of interests and concerns, relating to site-specificity, alternative eroticisms, complex narrativities, urban protest and diagrammatic speculation.




       a.pass end-communications by

      Luiza Crosman, Juan Duque, Sana Ghobbeh, Sébastien Hendrickx and Aela Royer


      MAY 23-24-25 GREYLIGHT PROJECTS 5-10pm

      Rue Brialmont 11

      1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node/ Brussels


      ____HEARSAY____ is a three day event hosted by GreyLight Projects. Five artist-researchers from the Brussels based post-master program a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) make a public presentation of their respective researches.


      The end, self-evidently, isn’t the end. ____HEARSAY____ offers space for reflection and informal dialogue, in order to co-imagine possible research futures. In between scheduled performances, a comfortable bar/terrace/library is open to spend some time, share your experiences and questions with the artist-researchers, and get in touch with the research backgrounds through a communal publication and a selection of books and documents. Or simply enjoy a drink, food and listen to some music of your choice.

      Limited capacity: reservation for the (lecture-)performances is recommended. Guarantee your place by subscribing via the doodles.

      – Sana Ghobbeh: max 30: DOODLE 1
      – Sébastien Hendrickx: max 30: DOODLE 2
      – Aela Royer: max 50: DOODLE 3





      MAY 23-24-25 @ Greylight Projects


      5-6pm: performance

      This wall grows at its root. Performance by Sana Ghobbeh. Audience capacity 30; subscribe here.


      6-7pm: installations + bar/food/terrace/library

      UNFOLD, site-specific installation by Juan Duque

      Notes on Institutional Fictions and a hypothesis to be developed by practice; INDEX 3/3 – ALIBI: “Dummies; The Prophecy of the Ceiling made of Glass; A Space into a Diagram, installation by Luiza Crosman.


      7-8pm: lecture performance

      Research presentation, by Sébastien Hendrickx. Audience capacity 30; subscribe here.


      8-9pm: installations + bar/food/terrace/library


      9-10pm: performative lecture

      Eros the Joyful, by Aela Royer. Audience capacity 50; Subscribe here.



      Thanks to: Greylight Projects &  Bains Connective:




    • performative publishing
    • postgraduate program
    • - HEARSAY 19 January 2017
      posted by: Steven Jouwersma
    • Luiza Crosman, Juan Duque, Sana Ghobbeh and Aela Royer
    • - HEARSAY

      Luiza Crosman (BR), Juan Duque (CO), Sana Ghobbeh (IR), Sébastien Hendrickx (BE) and Aela Royer (FR) reflect in their stories, statements and scores on their one year research cycle at a.pass in this publication. 

      price: 2 euro

      This publication was part of the end communication HEARSAY at grelight projects 23/24/25 may 2017 at GREYLIGHT projects. . 

    • IMG_1327

      The Theremine is a chaotic instrument that make the re-doing impossible. It uses the lack of electronic precision as a generic rule to create singularities. It is a tool to experiment and notice the small changes which occur in identical gestures.


      A conversation with Theremin, who has been declared a cyborg, and later on a poem for Theremin.


      Observation: for each scores, observing changes that occure at a body, psychical, emotional and imaginary level. Weight, tension, focus, gaze, scale, feeling of enlarging/shortening, solid/fluid, unique/multiple, colours, emotions, image, association,...


      • feeling the heart beat through inner focus: fingers, hands, feet, temples,...

      • start laid down, try to feel/hear your heart beat where it reveals itself clearly, look for less obvious place where you can feel it, change position and do it again.

      • Start sitting cross-legged, relax your upper body and let your neck and more of your body oscillating according to your heart beat.

      • place your hand under your jaw to feel your heart beat with your fingers.

      • Reproduce the heart beat in live with your voice

      • move another part of your body on the rhythm of your heart beat

      • bend your knees on your heart beat

      • jump on your heart beat

      • by two: place your hand under the jaw of the partner, and do the same scores as above

      • move/dance on the rhythm of your heart beat, with or without helping technology (stethoscope,...)

      Vibrations :

      • alone: produce sounds with your voice (changing the tone and volume) and try to localise them, by feeling/following their vibrations, in your body.

      • By two : one partner is producing the sound and the other is localising it helping him/herself with hands or other body parts

      • By two : back to back, together or one at a time, the partners produce sounds and localise them within their bodies.

      • move/dance following the body parts that naturally resonate with the produced sound

      • move/dance resisting to follow the body parts that naturally resonate with the produced sound.

      Narration :

      • declare out loud a specific statement and feel what this declaration is doing to your body, physically, emotionally.

      • declare out loud a specific statement and repeat it while moving. Feel what that does to your body and how the movements are created through this declaration.

      • declare out loud a specific statement and repeat it while changing its shape, tone, speed, volume, emotion with which it is declared.

      • authentic speech : talk without caring about the meaning of your speak, just follow your mood


      • stay in one position for a long period of time (to be determined) till you start noticing subtle changes in your body, tension of the muscles, pain, focus,...then change position and do t again or just start moving slowly.

      • Gaze at an object in the space and observe how your perception is changing with time, how your awareness of your look change and your acknowledgement of the object itself start changing too.


      • multidirectional listening: listen to all sounds of your surrounding environment (down, up, right, left, front, back, far, close) with the same intensity. Don't focus on any of them, but try to hear them, to let them enter your hear equally.

      • Intimate listening: turn your gaze on the inside and listen to the sound produced by your body (heart, breath, digestive system,...)

      • in/out: mix the two previous scores and listen to the inside and the outside with the same intensity of presence in your mind

      • group listening: picture that you connect your ear, your listening to the one of the other in the group and try to hear what and how they hear.


      • blind your eyes or keep them closed for several hours and act normally, move, walk, eat, sit, talk,... and notice how your other senses get increased.

      • By two: both blind their eyes and then connect to each other through one body part and start moving, trying to tune within the partner and to reproduce the same movement. One will be leading and the other one following. Change role without opening eyes.

      • Deaf dance: move/dance, trying to make as less noise as possible.

      Grimaces :

      • make grimace in front of a mirror. Change the speed and the intensity going from one grimace to another. Notice the emotional change within you.

      • Make grimaces in front of a mirror and expand them to your entire body. Be attentive to the different tension, emotional changes,...

      Breath/tone :

      • start breathing normally then go for producing a tone but keep it there. Don't go for it entirely, just stay on the threshold between breath and tone.

      • Start producing a sound and then go for changing it. The same way, don't go entirely for the change, stay on the threshold.

      • Tone/grimace: in front of a mirror, produce a sound (tone or breath or whatever) and expand the physical consequence of it in a grimace and then expand it to the body. Then change tone, or change grimace or tension in the body and see how the three of them are relating to each other.

      • Choose a point in the space. Breath in and scream at it with a specific emotional aim that you've chosen before: love scream, rage scream, hate scream, melancholic one, sad one,...

      • produce a sound and repeat it; Try to hear it and to produce it the same way again and again. See how your perception of it is changing and how you get used and unused to it.


      Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000003993 StartFragment:0000000541 EndFragment:0000003977

      By two : back to back, together or one at a time, the partners produce sounds and localise them within their bodies”.

      We started from this “back to back” score and then we implemented it following our body and the divers discoveries we made. We choose to tune, to produce the same tone, which allowed us tu feel more clearly the vibrations produced by our own voices. The low frequencies were easier to feel because of their location in the chest when the higher pitch, resonating only in the skull can't really be transmitted from one body to another. Although the higher pitch vibrations are easier to sense if producing through humming...the closed mouth and then your skull itself works as an inner sound box.

      The next step of this experience was to come up with a score that could help us to extend in our bodies the vibrations produced by our voices. To do so, we decided that one of us would lay down on its back and produce a tone out loud, and would try to keep this tone unchanged while the other would manipulate its body : lifting up, pushing, pulling, displacing it.

      • Sum up of one partner's experience : subtle changes of the tone according to the manipulation of the body. To push or pull on member changed the tension of the entire body, affecting the position and the tension of the diaphragm, that is then affecting the production of the tone by making it louder, lower or affecting the pitch. Notice that after this subtle change, it is always possible to come back to the original tone (the chosen one) although it is sometimes uncomfortable, a feeling of having to force myself to produce a less natural tone. After a while, it seems that the body and the mind starts to understand the inner process of those slight changes and starts to anticipate the change, by producing a different tone when the body manipulation didn't happen yet. The movement of pulling the lower part of the body (the legs) spread down the vibrations (almost reaching the pelvis area and modifies the basic tone towards a lower one. I assume it does so because of pulling down and relaxing the diaphragm. The more we are relaxed, the more the vibrations can spread and extend to the entire body.

      • Sum up of the other partner's experience : to manipulate the body produces variations in my feeling of gravity and according to the intensity of those changes of gravity, the initial tone fluctuates. It happened that some tiny manipulations cause a sensation of dizziness and this very sensation also affects the tone itself. It seems that the emotional state of the person also affects the tone that is being produced (when one anticipates the dizziness that is to come or anticipate the touch, or the manipulation to come). When the neck and so the throat are manipulated, the voice casts off and is followed by a strong feeling of dizziness. It seems that this specific area is a physical as emotional knot that can be unfolded through voice mixed with specific manipulation.


      Sofia, Christian, Aela, Gerald, Lilia, Lili, Sana, Nicolas, Luiza, Varínia, Robin, Brendan, Mala



      1)Varínia > Sofia > Lili

      2) Robin > Nicolas > Sana

      3) Nicolas > Sana > Luiza

      4) Lili > Lili > Varínia

      5) Luiza > Varinia > Aela

      6) Lilia > Robin >Brendan

      7) Sana > Luiza > Mala

      8) Gerald > Brendan > Lilia

      9) Christian > Mala > Sofia

      10) Brendan > Lilia > Nicolas

      11) Sofia > Christian > Gerald

      12) Aela > Aela > Christian

      13) Mala > Gerald > Robin



      1)Varínia > Sofia > Lili

      Let’s act as if this was what happened last Wednesday. Let’s take one thing for another:

      X was asked to locate and touch parts of Y's body, as if it was someone else’s. X chose the neck when The Scientist asked to act as if it was a loved one, but X also chose the neck when The Scientist asked to act as if it was X's own body being touched after sex. Easy to come to the conclusion that, after sex, X wants to be treated as if X’s loved ones. In this experiment, the method of taking one thing for another leads to elucidating conclusions. Let’s elaborate on this methodology. Maybe it works like a mathematical equation, where The Scientist substitutes Y for different values in order to discover more about the nature of X’s conducts and desires.

      What does it do: to take one thing for another?


      2) Robin > Nicolas > Sana

      Dear Robin

      I found the solution to your riddle. You are a snail in outer space (probably on the way towards a black hole.)

      Still my thoughts couldn’t stop speculating, and I was wondering if it would be possible to exchange some words in your poem. For example: “House” with “Freedom” and “staircase” with “happiness”, “windows” with “Self”. Or more concrete:  “my House” with “public space” and “my staircase” with “urbane planing” and “my windows” with “responsibility” etc.

      This would give sentences like:
      My freedom is circular with no beginning or end…


      My happiness lead both up and down; my Self is looking both in and out…
      or Public space turns on its own axis in a state of perpetual movement..
      and As Urbain planning lead both up and down, responsibility look both in and out..

      I don’t know how to interpret such sentences, but somehow they sound more promising then looking actually out of my actual “window".

      Or how about this:
      Our conflicts are circular
      with no beginning or end, no sides, no up, no down.
      Our conflicts turn on their own axis in a state of a perpetual movement.
      Fear infiltrates both up and down suspiciousness observes both in and out.

      Your last line is:
      There is an occasional flicker, a slit, a slip, of light a path both in and out.

      What is “light” for you?

      Best, Nicolas


      3) Nicolas > Sana > Luiza

      Dear Nicolas

      Your script and specially the way you presented that make me think about black comedy. In black comedy there is the possibility of talking about serious issues and facts in a humorous way. The characters you created and their confusion were in contrast with the sequences you invited us to imagine as the background. I enjoyed this contradiction,

      Dear Luiza

      My question is what happens when paradoxes come together?


      4) Lili > Lili > Varinia

      As the question goes to my own bubble score, I am tempted again to resort to yet another performance artist - Pipilotti Rist and her video-piece, Mutaflor. Question for me to consider again is how do I assimilate influences (consciously and recognizing the unconscious absorption over time). Which artists´ hair would I keep in a little locket? How do I hold them dear, what have they passed on to me?
      But in the light of Mutaflor´s perpetual exchange of the inside and outside here is my question to you: how can performance create without excavating? Creation (of new) seems to happen in the pauses we make (for the audience, which are for the performer one of  the densest moments, being pressed against the arrow of time, progression and the eye of the audience).
      Or the other way around - imagining creation only happens by digging out bones of the bodies once existing, we re-flesh them into the zombies and then how far into the future are we following our creations?

      5) Luiza > Varinia > Aela

      in your bubble action, you turned off the lights of the room to then use a torch. With the torch in hand, you rolled on the big sheets of paper bringing to light drawings, words and symbols. Your body action, the torch and the action of bringing to the light some drawings made me imagine as if you were an explorer looking to discover some ancient hieroglyphs in a dark cave. My question doesn't concern a possible fiction but more of a technical matter. If in my view a small source of light -the torch- helped you to highlight what maybe the room light would have not, in what other ways could the body become a frame for us to look into the reality in its detail and complexity ?


      7) Sana > Luiza > Mala

      Dear Sana,

      and Mala,

      Here is my question, sorry for the little delay :)

      In your proposal we were seeing our surroundings with our eyes and through each other. We were seeing through our ears and through language. We were also seeing through our location throughout the stairs and the architecture of the building. That way of seeing was full of flaws, but also of possibilities of reaching things that otherwise we wouldnt be able to reach.

      But, to be honest, I felt a bit disconnect of what I was seeing (for myself), as I was immersed in this "seeing through other...", and so I wondered, what is this disconexion ? Is it an openess? Or an omission? How much do we have to disconnect from ourselves in order to connect with another (person, body, structure, time...)?

      Hope you have a great weekend!




      8) Gerald > Brendan > Lilia

      Remember when we all had VCR's ?

      Remember ?

      Remember that little clock,

      the one on your VCR,

      that was always blinking twelve noon,

      because you never bothered or figured out how to get in there and change it ?

      So it’s always the same time,

      just the way it came from the factory.

      Good morning. Good night.

      Same time tomorrow. We're in record


      So here are the questions: Is time long or is it wide?

      And the answers? Sometimes the answers

      just come in the mail. And one day you get the letter

      you've been waiting for forever. And everything it says,

      is true. and then the last line says:




      And what I really want to know is: Are things getting better,

      or are they getting worse? Can we start all over again?

      Stop. Pause. We're in record. Good morning. Goodnight.

      Now I in you without a body move.

      And in our hearts we fly. Standby.

      Good morning. Good night.


      9) Christian > Mala > Sofia

      dear Christian,

      i am strangely moved by the watering cans, i could watch them being discovered forever, like in a loop, as a repetitive dream, only the colour changes. and then the sound is so evocative, slightly displacing, it frames my perception of the image i see. it is the sound that makes me travel and discover the world with u, as if for the first time, and as if through the lens of "an alien" from the wild blue yonder ( i wonder how do u make the sound, the recorded sound, how u transform it, how does the relation of the sound to the image work for u, what does it do to the image, how it shifts the image or my perception of the image? the sound keeps moving my sense of a fictional "where": it’s hypnotising, then i'm in Hitchcock, then again i'm here now... but constantly moving through different spaces while looking at the multi-coloured watering cans.

      thank u! xm

      10) Brendan > Lilia > Nicolas

      "Close your eyes and tell me which message I'm sending you."

      Projections (as in the mind), dreams, imaginations, reflections (as in a mirror), illusions, hallucinations, building the world as we go .....  what do we want to know that hides behind the surface?

      Have a nice week end,



      11) Sofia > Christian > Gerald

      Dear Sofia,

      I perceived your projected texts as being synchronized, your voice telling a story about water that sounded very allegorical, and then there was the projected text that spoke directly to us and directed our situation as listeners in a (dry) space.

      Your spoken text was a reply to, or inspired by, David Foster Wallaces text "This Is Water" that begins with two young fish meeting an old fish and the old fish says “Morning, boys, how's the water?” and one of the young fish exclaims “What the hell is water?”

      So I would like to ask you this: How can water be digital, is there any digital effects/incidents/functions that you normally would compare to water? What effects would it have if your computer was flooded by digital water, leaking in to all your folders and open online accounts like gmail, paypal and facebook?


      13) Gerald to Mala

      Dear Mala,

      In your recent bubble score proposal, you invited us to travel mentally through some of our very human depths. In these dimensions, space and time gain seem to gain elasticity.

      In the same movement, emotions feel different, get maybe less personal.

      Something universal is going on.

      How much are these possible bridges between dimensions, important keystones in your practice, and on broader level, in human collective practices in general?



      KEYWORDS: Moon~time~insights, as if, here and there,  



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