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    • Troubled Gardens
    • Traveling through square liberateurs – Molenbeek 15 May 2019
      posted by: Nicolas Galeazzi
    • Einat Tuchman
    • Square des Libérateurs, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
    • 12 July 2019
    • 12 July 2019
    • I'm inviting you into my neighborhood, to discover the "Quartier Liberateurs "- a specific urban sphere that I'm investigating for three years now. Let us enter some of its local structures with their human and political complexity; small institutes, shops, and churches; artifacts, publicness, and attitudes; architecture, infrastructure, and topographies. We will explore how those elements create a natural habitat that exposes layers of exchange between needs and capacities. 
      Taking a distinctive look at the divergent attitudes towards the environment and the social struggles in these different locations, we will learn about the prototypical difficulties and potentials of such culturally dense urban areas. 
      Through a reading of Felix Guattari's The Three Ecologies, we will reflect on the three layers of its daily life circumstances. The mental state of its multicultural inhabitants, the social relations in the public sphere and the ecology it proposes. By assembling the necessities and the resources of the "Quartier Libérateurs", we will each develop on our language to interact with such spheres: Probably best we start with writing a letter, a note or a phrase that tries to connect our gazes and impressions with the reality we encounter.
    • postgraduate program
    • workshop
    • block 2016/III
    • Commons
    • COMMUNAL GARDENS 18 August 2016
      posted by: Nicolas Galeazzi
    • Einat Tuchman & VK
    • VK (Vaarkapoen, Molenbeek)
    • 31 October 2016
    • 03 November 2016

      Vaarkapoen is a community center in the heart of Molenbeek, quite near a.pass. It’s an institution engaged in the community and community building of this problematic commune. Since November 2015 Molenbeek is recurrently in the world news as a nest for ’islamic’ terrorists. The commune has been blamed for neglecting integration policy and for not taking serious the existing social and economic problems. The political community as well as the population are therefore alert and know they – we – have to do something. In this situation, many claims are coming towards the arts, towards education and social work. The team of VK is one of those actors who are assigned to address this social situation in the commune and to bring artists in relation to the community.

      One of their projects is to develop a communal garden as open space for a general public to use. Connected to it they want to build an artistic residency place for projects that deal with the community.  The situation is structurally complex. To create this garden a currently squatted building has to be destroyed. For the rather poor population the renovation cost are fairly high. The questions of who will decide about the dedication of the garden, about activities and use, is still open.

      During the workshop we will examine the existing garden and the future one, departing from our personal artistic researches. How can we as artists with our researches take position in, or towards this project? What would we do with this space, in this situation, at this location? How would our research react to, or in it? In what kind of garden would you place your project? What would you need in this garden to be able to realize your ideas and how could your research reach others through this garden?

      These are questions addressed together with Einat Tuchman. Through her artistic practice Tuchman addresses since several years the question how art can engage in community building without compromising itself. Together with Tuchman we will relate our researches to this garden/residency project and will develop positions and actions towards it.

    • Wondering around the community of Molenbeek we will enter four different social cultural centres. In each one we will get to know their activities , their aims and their relation to the political economical conditions of a community like Molenbeek. 


      prelimnary Schedule

      at 10:00 we meet at a.pass (gate)

      at 10:30 Raquel will receive us in the new space of maison des cultures 

      at 11:30 we  be hosted in GC de Vaartkapoen 
      at 12:30 we can eat in a kind of social restaurant in Centre  maritime 
      at 13:30 we will get a tour and explanation about Centre  maritime 
      at 14:30 we will go the maison de Quartier Liberateur 



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