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    • Generously forceful / The doubtful wild THREE VIVARIUMS /  a.pass research presentation 
      21 May 2016
      posted by: Nicolas Galeazzi
    • in the cellars of the Tour&Taxis sheds
    • 26 May 2016
    • 28 May 2016
    • Generously forceful / The doubtful wild


      vernissage 26/5 at 18.00 – 20.00
      vivariums open 26/5 – 28/5  11.00 – 20.00h
      artist talk 27/5 at 18.00 

      in the cellars of the Tour&Taxis sheds

      Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles


      vi·var·i·ums or vi·var·i·a: 

      A place, such as an enclosure or facility, used for keeping live animals for observation or research.




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      I invite you to contemplate on a reality without you being the central perspective.

      When entering a.pass, my initial question was, how to combine site specific and portable scenography.  How to make spaces, that correspond to a particular site, but can also move between locations and respond to the next site with equal value, using the same materials. 

      This research has led me to the scenography of a manmade space. My contemplation is not only its interaction with its surroundings and context but furthermore, how the human body interacts directly with space – how is he influenced and transformed by it? 

      If a place has a memory, will it sense your absence? How do we respond to materials, and to the sensations, the memories they evoke? And how can inorganic, industrial materials like latex & nylon, respond to elementary things in us? What are the transformative effects of space and beauty? Is it possible that spatial experience can change ones perspective and interaction with the world?

      Each vivarium explores a material, spatial positioning and proportions. I’m exploring the generous violence of beauty by creating small cells that evoke the sensations of wide landscapes.   

      Get close, find the playfulness through engagement and intimacy, and use your senses as a compass!





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      Artist talk with light snacks and heavier drinks. 

      Friday 27/5 at 18:00 

      Chatting about weather is not only Iceland’s most indulged past time behaviour. The pleasure of sharing perceptions of this ever changing landscape connects us to the basics of this world, and shapes our relation to matter. 

      Tinna Ottesen’s vivariums position the border between matter and us into a moving climate. She is subtly reconsidering the environment as a partner in crime – a responsive field, that ‘talks’ back to us. 

      We would like to invite you to talk about these ‘talking’ qualities of material in relation to the spaces and landscapes we are living in. Based on a text by Tim Ingold, “The eye of the storm: visual perception and the weather” Tinna Ottesen will be interviewed by Nicolas Galeazzi about her perception of space, the performance of the weather, touch and other feelings. 


      Tinna Ottesen has been working with space and scenography for stage, for sites & for screens over the last 10 years exploring the suggestions of behaviour space provides and the affects the medium is capable of.

      She is a prominent presence in the Icelandic art scene and has a trail of projects spanning from site specific performances, production design for Films, TV & documentaries, theatre scenography, art direction for festivals, and immersive installations like the underwater concert series and food event installations.  



      How to find the vivariums: 

      Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles

      Tinna map-Seite001


    • Session 1

      A prologue for the text:


      tinna bubble score

      Illustrated text:

      On a table a cutting board, a knife an apple and an orange.  
      I cut the orange open and reveal the white inside the bark
      "An orange is white"

      I cut an apple open and find a seed
      " An apple is black"


      SESSION 2

      Question :

      Do you think "reality" is something that can be shared ?


      >Text from Liana, a facebook medium< :  

      The first one coming through is a young boy that passed away in a tractor accident a couple of years ago.  I think he was dark haired.

      He says that it was an accident, I was not careful and I like to tease. 

      And now he smiles.

      He says that what no one knows is that he is still exists.

      The next one coming through died from lung cancer, she was and is a light bearer. She lacked energy for many years.

      I left behind something that I wanted to be able to finish myself.

      I always liked decorations.

      My colours were bright and we often had conversations, and especially when I realised were things were heading.

      The next one is a small boy that died at birth. The grief was great and the mother still blames herself, I think this happened 2 or 3 years ago.

      My mother was bright and beautiful and very young, but she was ready for me.

      He just wants to let it known that it is worth it to try again, because he is determined to arrive.

      I continue, I have a lovely boy here, bright and beautiful, he says that he died of heart failure when he was just a teenager, I feel in the years 2003-2005

      He says that he has a sister and an aunt that favour him, mom and dad and all the others do too, but the two of them remember me the most.

      He says that he was so pleased to get a new baby sister.

      We used to travel a lot.

      Mom was always there but I suppose dad was there too, but now I have an uncle that is with me now and takes care of me.

      I have the next one here with me and he needs to come through.

      I died not long ago from cancer, it went fast, I had a wonderful wife and two daughters.

      We lived a healthy life, and we were expecting a new life when this disaster happened.

      We talked a lot about that live was not always as we thought it was, and why us.

      The next one coming through, says, I died from cancer and had many children, it was very unfair.  I died many years ago and I was always full of light and happy. 

      I have two babies here with me that I am related to.

      Bring my regards to everyone.  I know you didn’t always get your way and had siblings that wanted to control you.

      I have a little boy that drowned a couple of years ago.

      He says that he was mixed, not fully icelandic, but I was on a trip with my parents that I had looked forward to.

      Continue with the next one, I have a fun loving woman here, who says  we had some good times together in the past. 

      I liked the sip, the alcohol killed me.

      I drowned in my own pot.

      When I  was  young, I was full of light and beauty but as the years went by I became more visible.

      And now she laughs.

      I continue,I have a young woman that took her own life, she says I had a difficult time for a long time. 

      She says that she took her own life in a car,

      I wrote a poem that you have, and a letter

      I come from a dark haired family, and dad is here with me.

      The next one says that he came to me and communicated in the last session, but my wife didn´t get the message. 

      Im from the westfjords and was a politician, and she was always my backbone.  I thought I was strong but my heart wouldn’t

      I could talk the big talk, but you often helped me down from the pedestal and to understand the emotions of others.

      The last one coming through, this is quite special, she says that I and my parents were travelling and I disappeared, and now this is many years ago.

      You looked for me for a long time, but I was dead, you didn´t know that, and I was watching you.

      I was a child, but not quite.  I could be with you in restaurants and at bars, and I could dance with strangers.

    • Tinna´s Perform Backs animated versions
      01 April 2015
      posted by: Tinna Ottesen
    • case of: Tinna Ottesen
    • Tinna´s Perform Backs

      Excerps from my experiments from the workshop "Perform Back Score" that was lead by LILIA MESTRE.
      The experiments were 5 minutes performances that were a reaction to others performance that were done the week before.

      As the time goes by slowly when watching a 5 minute long live performance on screen, and because my set-ups had an animated quality about them, I sped it up !
      Much more fun that way.




    • The Participants Feedback From the immersible site specific experiment at PAF
      01 April 2015
      posted by: Tinna Ottesen
    • case of: Tinna Ottesen
    • Those who entered the room were asked to take a book with them that had instructions on both the front and the back side.
      On the front it said : "Open this book at the end of your time and follow the instructions on page 1"
      On the back it said : "Please play with the space. I recommend aprox. 15 minutes inside. Try to walk upright.

      [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="large" ids="2558,2559"]

      These were the instructions on page 1 :
      ( 1. Fill out the graph with 2 factors of your own choice. One for the -  -  - line & one for the      line.
        2. Draw your movements from inside the room. )


      Here are the drawn feedbacks :


      .[easingslider id="2624"]


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