Self Interview – Magic Dialogue (or not)

31-31 July 2015

alchemic self interview


(excerpts July 31st 2015)

-good morning

-good morning

-this morning you wrote :

“On the black and icy waters of the Styx, in the infernal meanders of his arms, Charon’s boat progresses about the kingdom of Hades. Aboard the vessel, you, me and a bunch of thinkers and activists, necessarily part of this globalised miserable journey. Of the nature of the swamps, of the depths of the mud in which we sink, of the once renowned magical properties of the river, we have lost track and memory. Sondes throwers more than prophets, advancing in the midst of experiments, we clumsily try to offer a tentative guidance…”

very nice introduction text, very promising…

you seem to work well in the morning, are you a “morning person”?

-yes, I always understand better, even difficult texts if I read them, study them, in the early morning.

I wake up, drink a coffee or two and immediately open a book and read and… understand it most of the time. And it’s the same concerning writing… words come more clearly… sentences, ideas, articulations… yes I am definitivly a morning person…

-why do you think it is like this?

-I am less afraid and stuck by the blank page in the morning because I feel like a blank page myself.

-like a virgin…

-yes like a virgin… touched for the very first time… you made me feel shiny and new

It’s a precious feeling and the very appropriate moment for me to work before the world imprints itself on me.

-”imprinted”, what do you mean?

-I am very quickly and deeply affected by things, things that appear in front of me, things that happen, objects, events, news, conversations, all problematics that the people I work with are busy with… all sort of things that want to enter into dialogue with me, populate me, occupy me and affect me so much…


-because they cry to be taken seriously, they insist for being articulated… sometimes they hate each other and ask me to become the referee, sometimes I have to get them around a negotiation table and perform the role of a diplomat, they… it’s like I catch any kind of information and try to make sense with everything…

I am everyday in a titanic effort to articulate all kind of singular heterogeneities…

-you speak about things like you would speak about persons…

-yes, the all-kind-of-things are part of a fabric, a stuff that is in the making all along my day. This stuff is kind of alive, like a coral colony formed by organisms forming a hyper organism.

-do the things talk to you? do you hear voices?

-oh yeh… a lot of voices… they occupy me… I feel occupied by several entities

-do you consider yourself as schizophrenic?

-oh yeh… very much… sometimes I don’t feel possessed anymore, I AM possessed

-is it a good thing?

-oh yeh… I do believe that’s one of the best way to make sense!

-you often use the that expression “make sense” or “making sense”, why and what do you really mean by that?

… … … … … … …

what do you want to begin with, then?

polishing lenses?

objects as machines to be mapped out, deconstructed and rebuilt?

objects as machines whose gravitational organisations should be read and then changed to free movement?

objects as machines to be assembled differently to create new ecologies?

are you a machine?

why our magic should spellbind people?

critical dark moments?

which concrete outcomes after these “magic” months?

was it all about magic?

how to queer but avoiding ‘system building’, ‘moral injunctions’ and ‘political correctness’?

is magic putting an end to any discussion or criticism?

what do you mean by beautiful?

what do you mean by magic?

what do you mean by affect?

what do you mean by desire,

what do you mean by care?

what do you mean by being changed?

what do you mean by risks taken?

what do you mean by magic powers?

what do you mean by powers of magic?

what do you really want?

do you do what you want?

do you want what you do?

you seem quite focussed on the Bermuda triangle Spinoza,Deleuze,Guattari, why them again? why them now? 

putting into practice the concepts of “Sadness decomposing relations” and “Joy composing more relations”?

is it really necessary to feel this fear to learn how to defeat capitalism and its obscene trade with death?

evil spell? curse? aren’t you performing the anti-capitalist drama queen?

remove the fingers out of our nose to smell the real shit?

do you think that, like at the end of the sixties, we have to “set fire on reality itself”? is it still possible?, imaginable?

what do they mean by “reconnecting desire and reality”?

considering seriously our works as medicines?

what do you mean by “the only thing to do is to construct apparatuses that will stimulate self-healing”?

why is it necessary to affirm again that ‘another world is possible’?

what do you mean by “new affects” and “new joys”?

doing whatever but methodically?

why do we need to produce new joys?

producing new lives, really?

today, it seems not possible anymore NOT to see the coexistence of a plurality of worlds, how to practically deal with that idea?


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