the oficial 3rd block

"les belles infidèles"

Block curated by Nicolas Galleazzi called   here the link 


Openning week

I didn´t prepare this presentation, I was exhauted. The day of my presentation I did the interview for the Pdh. The jury made me a very good question: “which Translation theory are you busy with?” 

I started to look into that.

In parallel, I was convinced about continue working on transtalion, but I asked myself: what I am producing with translation? Another “system”? What is doing the repetition of ballet history telling? And the genealogy of reggaeton? 




The 13th I had a  mentoring session with one of the person who changed my life/practise. The same person which whom I realised that translation were more important for me than just something temporary. She transforms me. 

The 13 th May 2019 emerged TRT                                Transversal Research Training 



Half Way Days

A first essay focus on methodology.

Transoceanic reading –> the aim of this practise question how do we access to reality, how do we inform each other.

                                        Is looking for transunderstanding of transrelationships.

The exercise –> (by two) : read at news from your context // share it // try to find relationship (or imagine it)



Another residence

Unlearning Center // Friburg

Three experiences:     

-1-  Practising change of roles (I use to be a “follower”) and here I am guiding Nicolas.


-2- Training TRT

Two dance courses focus on these pairs: touch and be touched // look at and being looked // resist and rest

-3- The adoptee –> How can the one being seen influence how to be seen?



In parallel, I was living in a.pass, practising, repeating, enjoying apass time, 



End presentation – PAF (in the church)

Sharing/exposing/defending/confronting TRT       


Here you can find excerpt of the script

For the newcommers. We can´t find PAF in Wikipedia.               (Diego, querés cebar mate?)

This presentation is my End presentation in PAF. It symbolizes many finals. Because study in apass was a dream. It was a dream change completely of context. It was a dream built discourse and practice in relation to another context and again comeback to my home context. So this final of the APass times is for me also the final as student in Europ, the final of use Apass technology,  apass spaces, apass budget, apass mentors, apass travels, apass cooking together, apass talking together, apass openning half and end week, apass cleaning together. And I was very anguished or sad because this end. And then Nicolas told me that maybe I could see that as a start. Immediately I could remember my psychoanalyst saying me the same thing when I was preparing my travel to come here. He used to tell me: 
  • Acabar para empezar.    // Projection: if I cry please cry with me or just wait. I will stop-    Comme dans toute relation sexuelle
  • End. Final. Finish to start. Para empezar, commencer.
  • apass changed me. apass modifies me, apass transform me (I am reapiting this from my second block).            Grand écart 
  • TRANSVERSAL RESEARCH TRAINING is a device that serves to conceive my artistic practice. It is an umbrella with transversal tools.
  • Transversal à  is busy with issues that go through or cross different practices.
  • The transversal things are linked to problematize power structures, conditions of production (entertainment, shift north-south),                     questioning authorship, problematizing the way of relate to reality. Those concepts intersect in the training.
  • Training à is looking at endurance process engaging art/life. As any training, is linked to a way of face knowledge in process education. As any training, is looking for preparing and contextualizing practice focus on elasticity, concentration, balance and  coordination of different task.
  • Research à this word is so full of meaning. It seems like the word “research” gives to the frame of “Artistic Research” another status. More powerful, more legitimated, as the word “art” wasn´t enough or wasn’t already legitimated. So, that´s why TRT is also busy with the critic of the device called Artistic Research. I am here in front of a paradox: I am engaging with TRT as a device to do Artistic Research that is also criticizing the device of Artistic Research. Esto acarrea un gran peligro, this brings me to another problem, that I will address later.
  • Inspired by migration for privileges, TRT is a fiction in which I believe. And that is why we are in a church, because religions are fictions in which we believe. Somehow, TRT is my religion and it preaches confrontation between high and low culture thought translation. 
  • TRT has an Ecosystem of methodologies à  “more diversity more stable”, interdependence, respect symbiosis practise (or plant) -territory, non-hierarchy, is bringing the ghost, or at least, it is inviting others. This methodology is based on transactivity practise: transoceanic reading  / Training transession / Trust in nothing (rest) / Translation addressing gender (exchange of role) in dance / Transdocument
  • Let´s say that TRT is looking at the FUTURE, is looking for the future, is looking through the future. It is trying to prepare better conditions for my work. What are the RESEARCH needs?
  • It offers services in the “transtructure”. Services as the thinks that provides utility (satisfaction) to the consumer. In the literal understanding of intangible services offered by people. TRT offers the following services: method / piece / body practise/ a way of engage information.                                   And transtructure in Marxist terms. All of us are aware of difference between superstructure and infrastructure? Ok sorry Marx I don´t want to simplify you. Superstructure and infrastructure  – Just in order to simplify this, let´s imagine that infrastructure is the base of a house and superstructure is the roof. I am using now the same schema that we use to study Marxism.                Projection: the marxism house for explanaition (……………………..)   infrastructure and structure (…)
  • But how did I arrive to this? So for the ones who don´t know too much what I did, I prepare this resume that summarizes all the key words or the important things and concept which I was busy with. – La gran pregunta es: qué persiste?   Trough those key words we can see some persistence –> Presentation of THE Artistic Research by Google Translator VOICE please listen HERE
  • Artistic research –>   You (-………………………..) white and pretentious, wealthy middle class, coffee adict, MAC consumer, residences dependient, travelling all the time in the same little continent. This is for you, even tough is incomplete, bastard, super cheap. Because I think you need perreo: enterteiment mamita. Si necesitas reggaeton dale, sigue bailando mami no pares, acercate a mi pantalón dale, vamos a pegarnos como animales. Muevete a mi ritmo siente el magnetism. Feel the magnetism. You, symptom of artist going to legitimation in academia. I am so busy with you. I am so in love with you. I love you x4. Why? Because you gives us power. And power is so fantastic. Power makes thinks beauty. And beauty leads violence. And all of you, artistic research, you are so incredible amazing.   
  • I am so stuck in this obsession  / Everything is dark now – Everything is dark now – its blank its blank -You can comment This is the think – Responder sexy body Sexy body RESPONDER x 2  – This is from another old good song. YOU. Slippery, elitist, contradictory, indefinable. Why I am so addict to you? / You are afraid to travel because it contaminates. You are creating phd and a lot of position for what? You have the challenge of modify academia and what are you doing for that? Nothing, you are doing nothing. You are reproducing the same patriarchal standard of virility. Orden y progreso. Order insubordination submission.   subject object subject object  subject object subject object
  • I want to catch you, I want to get you, I want to be as you. I bless you here with a new name –> I will call you: ortgasmic research
  • Seductive, I must admit that I am so scared. Scared of not being heard by you, of not enter your circuit. Ortgasmic research: what happens if you don´t love me? 
  • And why this is so untranslable?                                Projection: the untranslable are motors, not obstacles     Temps de flèche
  • Affects of TRT –> (……………………………………….) Feed back is coming / Gracias


A  FEED-BACK “emu”, conmovido, casi sin palabras.




End communication note:

I choose to re-used the performance that I did at Kanal. That ´s why the presentation is called:

“Pa-küru: 47 minutes of a bastard cheap lecture performance”. 



Interesting references: Donna Haraway last book / Marie Bardet about translation / Katie Briggs: This little art / The new code of conduct by Feminist Movement of Tango in Argentina / Sarah Amed (video) On complaint / Karen Barad: Transmaterialities / Sherry Simon again. 


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