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1 research platform
In its core a.pass is a platform for professionals in the fields of arts and theory who wish to engage in a self assigned research topic. It provides a place and infrastructure to meet other researchers, collaborate on some aspects of the work, get feedback on the project, develop one’s methodology and to widen one’s theoretical and practical scope through critique, mentoring and feedback. 
2 educational platform questioning artistic research
A.pass institute defines and activates artistic research by accumulative process and critique.
Embracing the fact that artistic research is becoming a category of production in the cultural field, a.pass does not claim it as it’s goal or premise to be able delineate the borders of this particular methodology. A.pass affirms this apparent lack of definition as a chance. Operating without a predefined notion of what „artistic research“ is, it creates and brings together a pluralistic overview of the existing notions of this practice.
An affirmative survey towards the question „what is an artistic research?“ has therefore become one of apass’ defining methodologies: apass strives to host a multitude of practices in the arts which self-define themselves as research. Their definitions of what a research praxis in the arts is are at times complementing and at times contradicting each other. This dis/agreement creates a polivocal platform of definitions and is a statement towards a different conception of institutions: away from essentialist claims and towards a more politicised platform of engagement with a certain discipline.
Some of the methods of this study methodology are:
-a.pass frequently invites research practitioners in the arts to work with the researchers of the institute.
-a.pass invests in creating occasions for public discussions of what artistic research is and in presenting the researches work to the general public.
-a.pass is producing a library of research methodologies by publishing individual and collective research cases.
-a.pass is presenting itself as a platform for the exchange, implementations and experimentation of research methodologies. 
3. questioning teaching
a.pass is a platform which educates and sets an agenda of learning for its participants. It is building its curriculum by inviting advanced practitioners in the arts to actively engage the participants into and around their research within a framework of workshops, ateliers, collective practices or scores. This work is not framed as a teaching as such, but as a process of collective exploration. Experimental formats of collective and collaborative research are frequently proposed and developed in such a framework. The traditional professor-student relationship is put into question here and has to be re-negotiated as a dialogue while a diverse group of practices is admitted as „teaching“.
a.pass develops teaching practices which engage with the question of how the process of knowledge production and transfer can be framed otherwise outside the persistent hierarchies within the processes of learning and education. 
4. meeting point
Beyond its defined curriculum and methods a.pass has in general become an informal meeting point of professionals in the arts on many levels of professionalization. Many contacts and collaborations that have been initiated at a.pass continue well beyond the one-year time-frame of the post-master program. It is a productive hub for the Brussels art scene. 
5. experimental institute
A.pass’ work includes research into the formation and politics of educational institutions. By collecting innovative methodologies of research, facilitating educational experimentation and by maintaining an institutional openness, a.pass affirms and continues to be an experimental institute/institution, a place of engaged research of what education in the arts is today. 

defining a.pass

about a.pass

A.pass is an artistic research environment that develops research on performativity and scenography, in an international artistic and educational context. The institute includes two complementary bodies that operate in parallel and in dialogue: a Post-master Program and a Research Centre.
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defining a.pass

Artistic Research & a.pass : a critical practice

by Elke Van Campenhout (2015)

To clarify what kind of research a.pass sustains, a minimum of conceptual transparency is needed.
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