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(Transversal Research Training)

The 13th May 2019 emerged TRT –> how did I arrive to it?

                                       (in the dynamics of going through)

props: mate / madera / creepy virgen / brillante paper

                             This text can be a part of the script for my End-Presentation in PAF

                                                                                                          TRT or Trans-Re-Training 

It is a political device for the my, our, yours, their  artistic practise     

Instead to control, it engages with planning of time-work and keep time for contingence events.    Projection: photo of my planning

It is not something new: it doesn’t reclaim uniqueness or originality. It recognizes thousands of referents. Projection:  It defends shareability

It tries to refuse FC, Instagram, Google, Snapchat.   Projection: it is looking for an open source web page (still in process)

It conceives documentation as way to look backwards: what is it that transforms/modify/change you?

It address explicitly to sexuality, sensuality, erotism and to the pleasure of communication, without take care too much of grammar. Désolé but I AM NOT SORRY. It is also adressing explicity.           Projection: pleasure   

It is looking for transpirar la gota gorda transpiration. It encourages transunderstanding of transrelationships                                      

It electrifies transience (transitoriedad) and transgress

It develops transferable skill between readingwritingmoving

It is aware about non-transparent power structures

It exercises the magnetization of transimagination

It takes care of context    (It question how much context the practise needs) IT IS SITUATED

Descansa para desacatar                                                  IT IS TRANSDUCCIÓN

The translation is feminist because is looking at gendered dances –> “The text that you translate determines which translation theory you need to use” (Mariana Pessino) 

It encourages evident things (it uses what it has) –> please LISTEN it

TRT is feminism busy with create vocabulary (Projection: thanks Butler), power structures (thanks Femke, she helped me finding something persistent as a problem in my daily life connected also with practice. And this that we find changed both: my daily life and my practice). TRT is feminism busy with  conditions of production (thanks Le Roy), contradictions (thanks Petra van Bravandt), abortion law (thanks la marea / the wage) argentina feminista, entertainment (thanks Lilia), promiscuity (thanks Juan), decolonial approach (thanks Lucas),  marxism and aesthetic experience (thanks Horacio Banega), Bologna process (thanks Susana and María Martha), BDSM (thank you), Aphra Behn (photo), Elvira Lopez (photo tesis), ways of sharing (thanks Segunda Cuadernos de danza), technical support (thanks Steven) limits and borders (thanks Marie).



This is its desing: 


                              t t t ttttttttttttttttttt


post-master program
pre phd-program
to be discussed

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