but it was fantastic to do it


How many times have you applied to things? How many times have we not been accepted?
What does the training  of “making applications” do?

And what does the training of receive “no” as response do?

I was invited to do the interview in front of a jury. It was a great exercise of confrontation.

And finally I didn´t get in. 

Again, for me is important to thanks the people who were involved in that process.

Especially because I fell into an institution that I didn´t know.

I was glad to apply and prefer to keep the joy of the exercise. 
Thanks to my tutors Timmy and Esther and especially to my translator/proof reading from Argentina, Mariana. 

Thanks to the person from the University who translated a from English to Flemish. 

Here you can find the resume of my application


The tittle is missing yes I know

This project proposes to create intercultural bridges between high and low culture by examining internalization of normative constructions in the field of dance.

Firstly, it focuses on reggaeton, a popular genre originated in the Caribbean in the 1990s, characterized by the perreo movement (doggy dancing) inherited from the Afro-descendant slave population. Secondly, it takes the art form ballet emerged in the French Royalty in the 15th century as the first scholar dance program with a codified technique to control and normalize the body.

Considering translation as the rendering/transposing from one language to another, this work engages with its historical perception as a product of degraded task of authorship and non-original result that has allowed women to access Literature.

The question arises: How can the uncontrollable shaking of reggaeton be a device for highlighting normative constructions in Western dance? Can such movement be an empowerment practice?

This project aims to develop a training based on shaking and to perform and register translation from ballet to reggaeton. To reveal the internalization of normative structures in the discipline of dance, it problematizes the notion of translatability and the ideal of perfection. Through the figure of “translatress” and decolonial approach, the methodology deals with the failure to get perfect translations and the emergence of the marginal or bastard issue as destabilizing devices of normative and hegemonic constructions.



The most important thing of this application was that it forced me to create a device of sharing my practise. 

The sharing device?

What can I offer? 

Inspired from a meeting with Timmy, it emerged “Transversal Training”

“Transversal training” as strategies to claim joy

At this moment, I defined as a body practise. In my application I defined like this:

Transversal training” (…) invites to experience group training emphasizing uncontrollable movements. Figuring out multiple ways to keep the shaking and putting special attention to transverse abdominals, the physical work seeks the origin of the movement in the force of the push against contact surface. Then, it develops a fast and prolonged dynamics of tensioning and relaxing that pushing action, paying special attention, above all, to the rest of the body structure. The training is shaped by transference of different levels of tension, relationships between sensorial and physical transformations and transit in collective experience. Aiming micro-politics and temporary emancipations, the courses are the results of encounters where transverse abdominals are protagonists.


At this moment, I didn´´t know how important/valuable was this exercise 

of imagine

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