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2010 BLOCK I

1 January-31 March 2010




Researchers Participants in the Postgraduate Program

Adva Zakai
Agnese Cornelio
Alejandro Petrasso
Ana Casimiro
Charlotte Bouckaert
Dianne Weller
Einat Tuchman
Fanny Zaman
Heike Langsdorf
Iuliana Varodi
Katrin Lohmann
Kurt Van Overbeke
Manne Granqvist
Manon Avermaete
Marcelo Mardones
Maria Lucia Correia
Philip Janssens
Sara Vilardo
Sven Goyvaerts



Research End Presentations

Fien Wauters
Jozef Wouters
Julie Pfleiderer




De Singel
University of Antwerp
PAF (Performance Art Forum, Reims, France)



Contributors for workshops

Alexander Baervoets
Annette Baldauf
Charo Calvo
David Moss
Elke Van Campenhout
Heike Langsdorf
Jan Maertens
Lynda Gaudreau
Marc Vanrunxt
Maria Lucia Correia
Meg Stuart
Nicolas Y Galeazzi
Stéphane Boudin-Lestienne
Timmy Delaet
Tom Plischke-Kattrin Deufert
Vincent Dunoyer
Vladimir Miller


Coordinators a.pass

Bart Van den Eynde
Elke van Campenhout
Vladimir Miller


Nicolas Y Galeazzi
Vladimir Miller





11-24 / 01 / 2010


reading and viewing sessions on re-enactment/reconstruction with Timmy Delaet

Reading and viewing sessions on re-enactment/reconstruction with Timmy Delaet, PhD student at the University of Antwerp, viewing sessions of performance art work at Argos (centre for video preservation in Brussels). From 21 to 24 we join the conference on re-enactment / reconstruction organised by the Marina Abramovic Research Centre in Plymouth (England), combined with a series of performances.


25-29 / 01 / 2010


workshop by Nicolas Y Galeazzi

Nicolas Y Galeazzi organizes a practical workshop on artistic collaboration discussing different models, methods and the effects and side effects of collaborative interaction. The workshop puts forward different metaphors on collaboration (economy, utopia, non-production, laziness, etc…) and works through their consequences. 



01-05 / 02 / 2010


workshop by David Moss

Performer, theatre maker and singer David Moss, artistic director of the institute for the Living Voice, organizes a workshop on the use of radical voice for performers and makers. Both positions are possible in this workshop, as long as you have an interest in a different use of the voice in performance (both language and non-language based).

How do you make a voice performance? How do time, timing, intensity, attack, intimacy, eccentricity, personal history, ego, musical history, rhythm, physicality, gestures, sounds, memory, songs and senses connect you to the moment of making a voice improvisation?





07 / 02 / 2010


lecture by Stéphane Boudin-Lestienne

The french architect Paul Tissier realises in 1924 the main hall of the Hôtel Ruhl in Paris now destroyed, the « fêtes d’art », a concept that mixes the originality of an artist’s party with the luxury of a society ball. Tissier creates all by himself a complete artwork. Covering the original architecture with his setting, he imagines different types of creative scenographies. From the extraordinary legacy of his fund – including more than 400 elements of decor– the workshop proposes to discover the architect’s system and problems facing that type of event. The many different aspects of the scenography (general choices for the transformation of the place, iconography and technique of the setting, lighting, costumes, show, etc…) will be discussed.



01-05 / 02 / 2010


reading sessions by Elke Van Campenhout

In the past year Elke Van Campenhout worked on the research project Sense Radio, initiated by choreographer and artist Lilia Mestre. A very important part of this research was concerned with the understanding of the emotional body as a social body, as a body in constant negotiation with other bodies and objects. In this week of Reading Sessions, we go through some of the ideas of Spinoza, Brian Massumi, Nigel Thrift, Sara Ahmed, Gilles Deleuze and others on affect/emotion as a mode of social circulation and  exchange. At the same time watching performance material (Meg Stuart, Lilia Mestre, …) that corresponds to this kind of conception of the performance and the body of the performer. 



08-19 / 02 / 2010


workshop by Vladimir Miller

Vladimir Miller conceives the City of Illusions as a space of research and knowledge built around the concept of illusion. In the course of two weeks a city is being built in the Zwarte Zaal of DeSingel. each participant is invited to build his own research site (houses and/or public spaces like speakers corners, gardens, etc…) within the city and assume the performative agency of their settlement with the other participants.

Light designer Jan Maertens, sound designer, Charo Calvo are guests and create their special illusion for the city. As well, urbanist Annette Baldauf and choreographer Meg Stuart will visit the city.



22-26 / 02 / 2010

‘HOPE 2’

workshop by Heike Langsdorf and Elke van Campenhout 

Participant Heike Langsdorf and coordinator Elke van Campenhout organize a second working week on “(radical) hope”, the subject of their research project. This time, set in an urban context, we work on the spreading of the rumour of hope.



22-26 / 02 / 2010


workshop by Maria Lucia Correia

The City appears as a breathing engine that shells the concept of future reflections and artistic interventions. “The Giant Scenario” is a workshop that will  suspend a conceptual approach of the city space as a  body who seeks for attention. Gradually we will propose a metaphorical diagnosis, a scan of the functionality of its organs. It will suspend  an aesthetic, emotional, sociological and physical approach of the  cityspace as a human body. As working methodology we will address the city space, with a critical vision on sensorial and visual awareness. 

In order to fulfill the resistance of our environment we will draw and recompose the elements of the urban space, collecting lost details and objects, on city walks/derives.  Moments where we will get lost into a world of colors, shapes, ornaments, sounds, rhythms… and as well an engagement of places that are damaged, abandoned, dead and ill… The workshop is a  resource of urbanist and emotional mapping of the space and its graphical potentialities within a reborn of a new scenario, a new life, a new narrative of  details that are forgotten in the labyrinth space.The city will not  be the setting of public interventions but a living body. An extended form of connections, reconstructions, treatment, placement and intersections.



01-10 / 03 / 2010


workshop by Tom Plischke & Kattrin Deufert

Participation starts with a conspiracy of partaking, and not by the self-positioning of the speaker. With (re)formulating we describe a process that can enable a discourse in silence, in the writing with each other. of formal strictness to take the responsibility of one‘s decisions and to constantly confront the other with claims in order to develop a communication, a circulation and production in the community of strangers. (re)formulating should enable everybody to partake in the process. just as in knitting from a single thread (the shared theme) and a knitting pattern (the permanent passing on), a complex texture evolves that formulates a possible work.



15-21 / 03 / 2010


reading sessions by a.pass

Introduced by the participants as an urgent research topic, the relation between ecological disaster and artistic practice is the theme of these reading sessions.The week will end with a artistic conference on ecology open to the public. 



22-26 / 03 / 2010


reading Sessions

In this reading sessions we invite several choreographers to read with us texts that have been essential in their development as an artist. These reading sessions are a starting point to speak about influences and important meetings in their carrier, and to show fragments of their work.

Lynda Gaudreau, Marc Vanrunxt, Vincent Dunoyer & Alexander Baervoets are our guests.


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