Settlement 14 schedule

7-26 January 2019


MON 7th

14:00 meeting

17:00 cleaning, emptying the collective space

19:00 dinner


TUE 8th

10:00 Materials and Tools

WED 9th

10:30 Scheduling

11:00 Katinka van Grokum, a.pass opening week presentation: SketchUp as an Interior

12:00 Caterina Mora: Translating Ballet to Regaton

13:00 Living Together: organising cooking cleaning up

14:00 Research and Space (conversation with new a.pass researchers and LM and VM)

16:00 Ezster Nemethi TBC


THU 10th

9:00  Caterina Mora: Training, Translation (Ballet and/or/vs Regaton)

10:30 Scheduling

11:00 Deborah Birch, a.pass opening week presentation: Caves II. Re-entry

14:00 Katinka van Grokum: Trash Talk, recycling in Belgium 

16:00 Chloe Chignell, a.pass opening week presentation: Choreographic Strategies for Writing

17:00 Christina Stadlbauer, a.pass opening week presentation: Sharpening the Narrative


FRI 11th

12:00 Signe Frederiksen,  a.pass opening week presentation

Cooking: Amelie van Elmst

15:30 Maurice Meewisse, a.pass opening week presentation

17:00 Meri Ekola, Light Observations

18:00  Caterina Mora: Training, Translation (Ballet and/or/vs Regaton) with  a guest dancer


SAT 12th

SUN 13th


MON 14th

9:00  Caterina Mora: Training, Translation (Ballet and/or/vs Regaton)

11:30 Diego Echegoyen, a.pass opening week presentation

12:30 Goda Palekaitė,  a.pass opening week presentation: Legal Implications of a Dream

 “Legal Implications of a Dream” is the title of Goda’s research and her solo exhibition which just opened in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Let us think of settlement as an occupied space which materializes as a consequence of a collective dream.

14:00 Scaffolding Introduction (how to and safety instructions)

16:00 Human Condition Reading Club part I


TUE 15th

10:00 Scheduling

10:30 Outside Walk (Mathilde Maillard) 1h

12:00 Alex Arteaga, Input: Architecture of Embodiment and destabilizing an architectural object

Disclosing an Architectural Object is an artistic research framework that allows an approach to a twofold object of inquiry: the architectural organization of material and the cognitive agency of aesthetic media, practices and artifacts.

14:00 Meeting with Michele Meesen and Joke Liberge: organisational, budget, etc for first block researchers (end 16:00)

16:00 Laura Pante, apass opening week presentation: On Metaphorology

18:00  Caterina Mora: Training, Translation (Ballet and/or/vs Regaton)


WED 16th

10:00 Mathilde Maillard:  a.pass opening week presentation: Work Club / Club Travail

11:00 Peggy Pierrot, Do You Belong ?

Artistic activities are shaped by continuous trips, international workshops and residencies abroad. In this context, each work session operates like a colonization of some people space, means and life by the artistic presence and vision. The artist settles in different environments, whether his work aim to relate directly or not at all to the different creation contexts. In this international scene of seesaw motion, how can one’s cultivate his sense of belonging, of beeing from, of being rooted, without a nationalist content, but without being a post modern nomad of emptiness?  How do YOU, settler, react to this constraints (langage, food, bodies, papers…).  What do you take or leave ? What do you gain from this artistic nomadism ? Do you belong somewhere ? We’ll question these assumptions through an insight on the work of  the artist Pierre Creton.

14:00 Flavio Rodrigo, a.pass opening week presentation: Sensations, Paths and Rituals of Work with the Creative Imagination (establishing the initial relations of my research). Please bring you mobile phone and headphones, you will need them during the presentation.

18:00  Caterina Mora: Training, Translation (Ballet and/or/vs Regaton)


THU 17th

9:00  Caterina Mora: Training, Translation (Ballet and/or/vs Regaton)

11:00 Elen Braga: The World to Come

If we have a history-line, what are the most important events of the last 30 years of human life that come to our mind? Is there a connection between those events and the context of our artistic research? What are the symptoms of those events and how to prophesize the world to come? We will start the exercise using the allegory of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. And by creating symbolic images, we will try to transform those events into an allegory of apocalypse. “And in the days of these people shall we set up a world, which will never be destroyed?”

12:00 Nassia Fourtouni, a.pass opening week presentation: Neither Distance nor Empathy


FRI 18th

9:30 Caterina Mora: Training, Translation (Ballet and/or/vs Regaton)

13:00 Philipp Gehmacher, mentor’s presentation (skype) 

14:00 Amelie van Elmbt, a.pass opening week presentation: Dreaming Walls

15:00 Scheduling next week

15:05 Space and Scenography review and preview w. Vladimir


SAT 19th

SUN 20th


MON 21st

13:00 Experimental Film Scratching Workshop

14:30 Muslin Brothers, a.pass opening week presentatio

16:00 Human Condition Reading Club part II


TUE 22nd

9:00 Caterina Mora: Training, Translation (Ballet and/or/vs Regaton)

12:00 Engaging the Spectacle: Aspects of Contemporary Ideology, a Brazilian Case Study.

Roberto Winter shares his thoughts and artistic practice – with an introduction and lunch prepared by Adrijana Gvozdenovic.

“Our time is critical, we seem to be finishing the transition to a new era (and maybe we already have), call it the “New Dark Ages”, “Hypernormal”, “Semiocapitalist”, or “Capitalist realist”, under the empire of total spectacle, we are ruled by images. […]  Art’s potential role in untangling the situation is privileged and fragile: if it can resort to fiction, it must also deal with fake news; if it can resort to a long tradition of making and understanding images, it must also deal with the emptiness of memes and social networks; if it can resort to aesthetics, it must understand the new role of images and the obligation to (self-)design. The question remains: how to engage in the production of things that could make the current state of affairs graspable, explicit, unbearable and, eventually, help lead to their overcoming?”


14:30 Mathilde Maillard and Flavio Rodrigo, Lets Talk about Brasil


WED 23rd

10:00 We meet at KANAL Centre Pompidou to have a look at the space for the upcoming Unsettled Study. Afterwards we will talk about the space and the process of the block

14:00 Bauhaus and School, Input from Moritz Frischkorn + Heike Bröckerhoff

Based on their own research for an artistic project, Heike and Moritz will give a short introduction about the Bauhaus as an art-academy. It seems as if the very idea of an art-school as a “total work of art”, based on principles of performance, inter-disciplinarity and process-orientation, where one invests oneself fully, combines technology and art, and thus manufactures a new subject for a democratic society was invented at the Bauhaus. We would like to discuss how to relate to those ideas and concepts from a contemporary point of view. 


THU 24th

10:00 Lilia Mestre: On Scoring, To Forge Temporary Communities

11:30 Alex Arteaga: On my Intervention in/with the Settlemen

20:00 Cine Club: Time Indefinite


FRI 25th

11:00 Settlement review and block organisation (whats next?) w. Vladimir





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