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Settlement 11 Collective Schedule

Day 4

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MON 22.05

14:00 Introduction and Clearing out the Space

18:00 Improvised Dinner


TUE 23.05

10:00 Warm Up Practice

           Esther Rodriguez-Barbero

14:00 Peer Critique Leo

            Leo Kay

15:00 Spaces of Commoning

           Zeljko Blace, Time Lab (Ghent), Vladimir Miiller

17:00 1 Minute Festival


WED 24.05

10:00 Warm Up Practice

           Esther Rodriguez-Barbero

14:00 Peer Critique Eszer

           Leo Kay

13:30 Collaboration Interview

           Eszter and Esther

14:00 Marie Van Leeuwen (ArtEZ) 

           Conversation with Lilia Mestre

15:00 Session #1 Planning nothing

           Where we collectively work out the rules surrounding session #2

           Leo Kay



THU 25.05

09:30 Sensation as Score (Movement Practice)

           Anouk Llaurens

11:00 Reading Group

           Lilia Mestre and Score participants

13:00 2 Minute Festival

17:00 Medium Score 2

     |     Lilia Mestre



FR 26.05

10:00 Warm Up Practice

           Esther Rodriguez-Barbero

10:30 Cleaning

11:30 Peer Critique slot

           Leo Kay

13:00 Making Space For

           Collective practice of framing and naming spaces

            Esther Rodriguez-Barbero and Leo Kay

14:30 Session #2 Doing Nothing

           We gather, head out to a chosen spot and using the ground rules from session #1, do nothing.

           Leo Kay

15:30 Session #3 Planning Something

            We spend half an hour as a group planning what we will do the following week.

           We aim to be prescriptive and impose structures that allow us to fulfil our aims.

           Leo Kay


SAT 27.05


MO 29.05

11:00 Architecture and Movement 

           Creating and experimenting with space by moving simple forms /structures.
           Duration 45min

           Luisa Fillitz

15:00 Playground

           Eszter Némethi


TUE 30.05

11:00 Play-ground
   During a short and playful workshop, we will explore the materials and existing geographies of the Settlement to create instructions and scores; while also exploring how dynamics, forms and narratives are conjured through this process. 
           Eszter Nemethi

13:00 Planning a.pass block III/2017

          Vladimir Miller

15:00 Dialogue with Alex Arteaga 

What does it mean to think? What does research mean? What can be the cognitive function of aesthetic practices? How should be these practices organized and performed in order to “do research”? And on this basis, what can be the contribution of artistic research to the epistemic field? These, an other related, are the questions that will be addressed in an open dialogue framed by Alex Arteaga.
17:00  Feminist Benjamin Reading Group

What does it mean to read as a feminist? The question may seem odd, or even trivial, but it engages the very ground of our work as artists and thinkers. Indeed, how is our reflection oriented, if not by the very way in which we turn to the text? And yet, when we think about methodologies and epistemologies, we rarely interrogate the practice of reading itself.

Caroline Godart and Marialena Marouda


WED 31.05

11:30 Session #4 Doing Something

          We gather to do whatever we, as a group, decided that we wanted to do in the previous session.

          We will have decided all the parameters of the experience (or lack of them) in the 3rd session. In this last session we just do them.

          Leo Kay


THU 01.06

9:30 Sensation as Score (Movement Practice)

         Anouk Llaurens

11:00 Reading Group

           Lilia Mestre and Score participants

17:00 Medium Score 2

     |     Lilia Mestre



FR 02.06


SAT 03.04

12:00 Settlement Review

14:00 Build Down


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